Monday, November 28, 2011

The House: 17 weeks & Thanksgiving break

Right on the top of my post-vacation-to-do list was going out to the house and picking up the time cards, as well as doing a little tour to see how things are coming along. Now, we're actually into week 18 for building purposes (our build weeks run Saturday through Friday, remember), so I won't put up a house-by-house this week. Also because I'm really not sure where each house is at. But, I saw some pretty amazing and VERY exciting things as I did my little walking tour with Lee this morning.

#1 mostest awesomest thing ever--ROOFING ON ALL 9 HOUSES IS DONE!!! I suppose there's one house that needs about four shingles trimmed still, and then a couple of houses have some decorative eaves above the garage door that needs to be done, but the actual climbing on the roof and laying shingles and cutting out vents and things like that is now complete. What a major relief. Now the snow can be beautiful again. And, I'll have you note that this is about two weeks faster than our build manager predicted. (I'm not saying we're ahead of schedule. I'm enough of a construction worker now to ever say that.)

#2 Amazing happy thing--Our rough plumbing is done! *remember that sub contractors do plumbing and heating

#3 do-a-dance thing--Our heating is almost entirely done, including vents, furnace, floo, and duct work.

#4 leap of a heart--The front of our house has been tented and the tar paper and mesh has been applied to the front, so we are ready to roll with scratch coat and then stone.

In case you noticed and were wondering why the mesh is about a foot away from the window: shutters.

We can't wait for Tuesday when we get to go build again! It's amazing how much we've missed building while we were on our trip. We miss our neighbors and the camaraderie and the exercise and the air, and we miss our home. We're happy to be back now.

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I am "over the moon" with relief and joy about those shingles being all on. I've worried so much about Cody being on the roof at night with the frost forming on the tar paper and him sliding around. Now you can put lights where needed, and be on the ground to finish - and soon all inside!