Friday, November 11, 2011

The House: Alisa's Volunteer effort

Cody's sister Alisa is the bombdiggity. She is a college student and has classes during the weekdays (well, duh), which makes it really hard for her to volunteer at the house during weeknights. We totally understand, and told her not to worry about it--but she asked us if she could come out on a Friday. Well, even a week in advance today's weather looked good, so we told her to come. She asked if while she was coming out, if a few of her friends could come with. I heartily agreed and promised dinner to whomever she could round up.

What was going to be a small group quickly escalated, as things with dinner tend to do in a college environment, and soon we had a huge list of volunteers signed up! I made two massive pots of soup (about 4 gallons total between Bacon Corn Chowder and Chili), and recruited some help to make desserts and bread. Then, we toted everything out and put people to work.

All in all, Alisa was able to round up 25 volunteers--more than we've ever had on the site thus far. Add to that several family members who came, and also we had most of our group come out to help teach people what to do, and this evening--which is normally not required hours--we had 38 people on the site! That's incredible! We usually average about 14. In a matter of about 3 hours, we worked hard on roofing, keeping 6 nail guns unusually busy; did scratch coat on another house, and installed the last of the basement windows that arrived. It was an amazing few hours--just what the doctor ordered before we get more snow this weekend.

I feel like I should give another quick update, since things changed so much tonight from where they were even yesterday (I won't put anything in that didn't change from yesterday, so you can see exactly what happened today):
House 1-Tented for stone, basement windows finished
House 3-roof nearly completed
House 4-Scratch coat on
House 5-roof started
House 6 (ours!)-roof started, nearly 1/2 the way done
House 7-roof nearly completed
All 9 Houses: stone delivered! I had a fun time going from house to house, looking at each family's choices for stone. Our grey, square stone has beautiful hues of blue in it that I think will be highlighted by our siding. I couldn't be more thrilled with our choice.

Today was a good, hard work day. We needed it. We needed to see some fast, big progress to rev our spirits back up. Thanks Alisa!!

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

It was a good day, and a huge pat on the back goes to the woman who did all the organizing and cooking. The food was amazing. Thanks Lisa.