Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey Hairbow Tutorial

Because of the raging success of my other tutorials (that is sardonic), I thought I'd put one up of my Thanksgiving Turkey Hairbows! Please let me know if you like these tutorials, because they're kind of a lot of work to put together, and if nobody likes them, I might as well save my time. :)

How to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Hairbow
Preface-- This is one of the more complicated hairbows I make. I find a lot of joy in making these, which is why I do it. It takes some time, and is more like sculpting ribbon than tying knots. It also uses a lot of small pieces that have to be hot glued, so I try to hold things with clothes pins or use my scissors to push down on them so I can avoid burning myself. I must also apologize for the quality of the photos: they were taken on my phone. I hope you can see what to do, even if the photos are kind of poor.
Tip #1--If you want to make two matching bows so you can put them on pig tails, make two at the same time. Cut your ribbons at the same time, do each step twice in a row. That way you'll end up with two that look almost identical. If you make them one at a time, you'll be more prone to cut a ribbon longer on one or put your feathers on in a different order, and end up with Turkeys that don't match. I always make 1 bow for my baby on an alligator clip, so I can attach it to a head band; and 2 bows on barrettes for my 3 year old who has enough hair to put in pigtails.

You will need:
-brown ribbon (in this tutorial, I use 1/2 inch thick ribbon because that was what I could find at the store. I've also used 3/8 inch thick, which have been very cute as well, just a little less chubby.)
-Other "Thanksgiving colors" for your feathers. I am using red, yellow, and green. Orange would also be great, or even cream.
-Red and orange/yellow ribbon for the beak, wattle, and feet
-googly eyes
-alligator clips or barrettes
-hot glue and scissors, of course!

1) Cut your ribbons for your body and feathers. I like to do each of these about 2" long. You'll need three pieces of brown for the body, and a total of five feathers (I really like 2 red, 2 yellow, and 1 green). You could do extra long feathers, of course, or do each one a different color, or do more than five--it is up to you.
2) Glue your brown strips into plain loops, so they make O's. Cross over the feathers and glue them together at the ends, so that they look like this:
3) Glue your brown loops together, putting the outside loops in the middle of the inside loop, like the Spider body tutorial, like this:
4) Now make the head. This is probably the most complicated step, so if you find it too tricky, just make a regular round loop. But here's how I do it: use a clothes pin to clip brown ribbon to a dowel. Then cross the ribbon over itself and glue down.
Repeat in the opposite direction (loop around the dowel, cross over itself, and glue down). In the end, it will be almost a figure eight pattern and you will have a wide side and a narrower side. Your "wide" side will have two pieces of ribbon that barely overlap, and kind of form a more rounded face for your turkey. This is the same way I make the heads on my Halloween Spiders. While the head is still on the dowel, I like to glue on my googly eyes. Then I cut the extra ribbon and slip it off of the dowel. Voila! nice round head!

5) Make the beak by crossing over a very small piece of yellow or orange ribbon and pulling it as tight on itself as you can, so it makes a triangle. Hint: fold it over and pull it tight, glue it, then trim off the extra. Don't cut it super short and try to glue the short ends together. You'll just end up burning yourself. I still use a clothes pin to hold it together so I can avoid touching the hot glue. These pictures should help:The red wattle is very simple: just a short piece of red with one angled side. The neck is optional, but very simple: fold over a 2" piece of brown ribbon on itself and glue shut. From the side, it will make a teardrop shape. Here's all my assembled pieces, ready to put together (body, head, feathers, neck, beak, wattle). I forgot to do the feet until later, but that's just an angled piece folded in half and glued on a slight angle so that they make a V.

6) Assembly time! On the bottom of the head, put a drop of glue and put the wattle on so that it sticks out under the eyes. Then put another drop of glue and place the beak on top, again making sure that it pokes out underneath the eyes in the direction you want. In other words: make sure you look at it from the front before gluing them on. I slipped my head back on the dowel to do this so I wouldn't burn myself.
Then put the neck on the back of the body.

Now attach the head to the neck, making sure the beak and wattle are between the head and the body... so the head is on straight. Look at it from the front as you do it, and you might have to kind of work at it to get the head on in the right direction to maximize cuteness.
Now flip the turkey over and put the feathers on the back. If you've lined your seams up right, all the feathers should go over seams and kind of cover them. I like to start with the outside feathers first and go in, so red first: Then yellow above and slightly on top:
And lastly the green one right in the middle.

Attach the feet of the turkey off the bottom. I forgot to take a very good picture of this step, but in the following picture's background you can see my partner turkey with the feet already on. It's not hard though: just dab glue and make sure the V feet poke out the bottom. 7) If using alligator clips, line one with ribbon (any color that matches, but I usually use brown for this one) and then put a line of glue on the clip and adhere it to the back of the turkey. If you need help knowing how to line the clip, see my Halloween Pumpkin tutorial.

At last, the final product:


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I like to see the finished project, but won't be making them, so don't put this up for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this!! So making it for my little girl! Thanks for the tutorial and pictures!

Rebekah Getscher said...

Thank you! I plan on making several for my neices!