Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-or-Treat 2011

Annalisa: the Princess Cat. A natural choice for any 3 year old girly-girl.

Lee: The Duct-tape skeleton. Daddy helped him make his costume.

Cody: The Dracula .... with no fangs or blood or face paint, of course.
Katie: The short-necked giraffe.

We left a big bowl of candy on our front porch, since we were unsure if we would even get trick-or-treaters at our current house. Since it was our one and only Halloween living here, we weren't terrifically concerned about it. Then, we first visited our Grandparents' houses, then decided to go trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood. We weren't sure if anyone else would be out there, but we wanted to check it out. Besides, our new neighborhood is fairly enclosed, with lots and lots of young families. (It's the nature of the area: because it is almost entirely self-help-houses, everyone has a similar income and age group. Not to mention there is a school a block from our new house.) Anyway. We were SO glad we went out there! There were kids everywhere; almost every house was lit up with pumpkins and Halloween decorations. We could easily walk from house to house. People were friendly, and if they weren't home, most of them had something on the porch. It was awesome to do some traditional Trick-or-Treating.
Annalisa and Lee were such troopers, and were happy the whole night long.
At last, mom OK'd the consumption of the candy: the spoils of WAR! :)

Note to self: Buy lots of candy next year. I have a feeling our house is going to be in a hot spot for many years to come.

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I missed you at our house. :(