Monday, December 19, 2011

Addressed: To Kids Everywhere

Dear Children of the World,

At this time of year, I receive billions of letters asking for toys for Christmas. I'm really happy to oblige; giving is what gives me the greatest joy in the world. But since giving should be a two-way street, I'd like to offer up my Christmas Wish List to all of you. This year, I would like all you children to:
-Listen to your mommies and daddies. They love you and want what is best for you, and I promise they have more experience than you might think. Listen to their advice and their instruction and be obedient.
-Clean your rooms, and put away your toys. My elves and I work very hard to make them nice--you need to work hard to keep them nice!
-Do something nice for someone else. You young children can make the world a brighter place when you smile and help out.
-Go to bed on time. And I'm not just talking about Christmas Eve--getting good sleep will help you grow healthy and strong. So don't complain when your mommy tells you to get in bed. Just do it!
-Please hang up your coat and wipe your shoes before you come inside.
-Be grateful for everything you have and remember to say Thank You.

Now, I'm very busy and must get back to work, but if you want to make me an extra-happy Santa, please check off my Christmas List!
Santa Claus

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