Friday, December 2, 2011

The House: 18 weeks and no roofing

On Tuesday Cody and I went out to build together, as is normal because my mom graciously babysits on Tuesdays. We started stone! It is a new project that we were both excited to start. But after just a few minutes of carefully sculpting mortar and having to ask before placing a single stone, Cody realized it was too much tedious artwork and just "not his thing." So, I got to go build the rest of the week and he took care of the kids. It felt great!Putting on stone is really interesting. It can't freeze, so we have giant plastic tents we put on the fronts of the houses, held up with scaffolding. Underneath we run some propane heaters and put up bright lights, so building has been quite pleasant this week. If you get up on the porches where all the heat flows, it is almost sauna-like and you wind up in your shirt sleeves. On Wednesday and Thursday we even had some cold winds blowing, and we were just so grateful to not be on roofs any more!

Because of our choice of stone (it's a really easy pattern to learn on), we are one of the starter houses. We have 3 houses with tents on right now, and our team has broken up into 3 small groups and everyone is doing something. On Wednesday, we started our house and one more house with stone. I loved our stone color, but noticed that the corners were oddly red, and they're supposed to be grey. I asked our project manager about it, but he didn't seem too concerned so I just tried to sort out the best ones for the corners. We got the majority of the corners on when I went to go get a saw. I started talking to another homeowner (owner of House 1, which we wanted to start, but couldn't because his corners weren't delivered yet), and he said he wanted to come check out how we were putting up our pattern, since he had ordered the same pattern--just a different color. As we were walking to our house with the saw, I asked him what color he had chosen, and he told me it was a reddish-purple. And his corners were missing. And mine were reddish purple. Why I didn't put this all together in the first place is still a mystery, but when we got back to our house and looked closer, we saw a second label on the box of corners--the first label said our name and stone color, but the second label had his name and stone color. I'll admit I was frustrated. There was nothing in the box to note which stone was to go with which house, so we pulled off all the corners we had put on and cleaned them off. First order of business on Thursday was to sort out which ones were theirs and which ones were ours. It ended up being a really screwy order because they didn't give us enough stone at all (we're about 4 feet short) and his were all one size instead of a variety of big and small. Anyway. We can laugh about it now, and we're grateful we caught it before the mortar had set so solid that we couldn't pry it off. But here's the picture of the first stone going on (SO exciting!)... ....and then a few hours later, the first stone coming back off (bummer man!):
You can see the color difference in this photo pretty well (and keep in mind, these were the "good" ones!):

Porch is almost done!
Now, each house:
House 1: getting stone on, rough electrical done
House 2: rough electrical done
House 3: getting stone on
House 4, 5, 7, 8, 9: All roofs completed, but no interior changes
House 6 (ours!): getting stone on, heating done, rough plumbing done

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John and Anna said...

I love the stone! It already looks sooo pretty! How fun!