Friday, December 9, 2011

The House: 19 Weeks

Goodbye, week 19!

We had a few setbacks this week. I hate setbacks. We have 3 houses right now (ours, House 1, and House 3) that have all the stone on, except for a few small sections because the company didn't deliver enough stone for us to finish the whole house. Our house still is missing one corner of stone from last week's corner fiasco. We did everything we could on the other two, using every tiny piece of stone we could find, and we just plain ran out. Then, there was the problem with the grout. Apparently we all ordered our grout color using an out-of-date sample. Over at House 3, they mixed up the grout and it was bright orange--like, hunter's orange. It was awful. Of course the homeowner nixed that immediately, so we went over to our house. I wanted grey grout, but through a miscommunication, we ended up putting in black (I wasn't there on Wednesday, Cody was, but he didn't realize I didn't want that color). I could have put up with the black, but when we went back on Thursday to finish it, there were a lot of bubbles in the grout and other problems, so we ended up chipping it all out. It wasn't very happy. After three hours of chiseling out grout, we just went home early. We needed it. So, Saturday will be a fresh start and we have all learned an important lesson on being careful with grout--like, beyond careful. Grout is one of those things that must be perfect. Pretty good just isn't good enough any more. Bubbles in the grout will cause it to crumble and crack the stone, so we are all going to slow down and be extra cautious, and triple check every grout line before moving on.

But anyway. At least the sub contractors had a good week this week! Here's where all the houses are:

House 1: Every piece of stone they had is on. Waiting on another shipment before we can finish. Also, wall insulation in! (Ah man, I can't wait to tell you all about insulation when it's our turn! It's stinkin' cool!)
House 2: wall Insulation
House 3: stone all on and waiting another shipment; grout getting started. Rough electrical done, wall Insulation done
House 4: Rough electrical done
House 5: no change (plumbing and heating is all done, has been for a few weeks)
House 6 (ours!): stone all on except those four corner pieces, grout half on and then off again. :) plumbing and heating done, including... BATHTUBS!
House 7: plumbing and heating done
House 8 & 9: No change

Sorry no pictures this week. I lost my phone. :/

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