Friday, December 16, 2011

The House: 20 Weeks

Twenty weeks building. wow. It seems wild to think we've been building that long, but also that it has gone so quickly as well. When we started I compared it to being pregnant--lots of work, lots of pain, but lots of excitement and in the end you get a beautiful new family member. That's certainly still the case.

We took down the tent from our house this week and started another house on stone. Of course, though, a mere day after taking the tent down our corner pieces arrived. We thought we could get by with just a little tarp over the one corner, but our manager wants us to re-tent the garage (not the whole house, but still a big tent). Ugh. Why couldn't we have just waited one more day? Those 100 foot tarps are heavy, not to mention all the lumber and scaffolding we use! Oh well. We at least get to look at this gorgeous sight now:

Meanwhile, subcontractors have been hard at work inside the houses and we're seeing some fun progress all around. Here's where the nine houses are sitting at the end of week 20.

House 1: Drywall delivered; Stone and grout still almost all done. We got all the stone on that they had and had to order some more, which came in on Thursday. So there's still just a few pieces to put up and then they will get grout, and then it will be done. Most of the grout was done on Tuesday.
House 2: Insulation completed
House 3: Insulation completed; Stone and grout nearly completed--similar story to House 1.
House 4: Electrical done; Started putting up stone
House 5: Electrical done
House 6 (ours!): Plumbing and Heating completed, Electrical started; stone and grout nearly completed and tent moved to House 4
House 7: Plumbing and Heating completed
House 8: Plumbing started
House 9: Heating started

Once the electrical, plumbing, and heating is all done, there is an inspection done. After the inspection we get insulation and then on to drywall--which is a major step as it signifies the beginning of the finish work, also known as the beginning of the end. :) But until then... Keep on buildin' keep on buildin' keep on buildin' buildin' buildin'....

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