Saturday, December 24, 2011

The House: 21 Weeks building

With the Holiday season here, we've had a few rough hours weeks. Everyone is off going to parties or stuck in snow etc, but we keep trucking on with the build. Here's where the houses are this week:

House 1, 2, and 3: Insulation finished, Sheetrock up! What an amazing difference it makes!
House 1 and 3: Stone DONE! Finished! Tents taken down and moved to House 2 and 7, and set up.
House 4: Electrical done and inspections being done. Stone finished, grout nearly complete (until we ran out of color.)
House 5 and 7: Electrical done and inspections on the way. (after inspections comes insulation.)
House 6 (ours!): stone and grout (finally) COMPLETE! Every last bit! done done done! It required moving around a tarp and using a space heater because we had to take the big tent down before it was done. Still not sure why, but we did listen to the boss.
House 7: Scratch coat of mortar applied.
House 8 and 9: heating done, plumbing mostly done, and House 9 finally got the last window fixed and installed.

We're not building today (Christmas Eve). On last Thursday, I brought out some little smokies and cheeseball and we had a regular Christmas party under the tent at House 7. Some very kind people have brought little gifts for each other. I love the feeling of camaraderie as we build. There's always some little drama going on, but that is to be expected. Mostly we enjoy being with each other and have all found some true friends in our build buddies. And whenever the building gets tough, I just look at our front window and imagine a Christmas Tree there and lights on the roof and I think, "Next year, Lisa, Next year."

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