Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The House: Pondering Layout

I've been thinking a lot about the layout and purposing of space in our new house. Since we are building it ourselves, we can pick some things to design ourselves--things like closet shelving and placement of cables and phone jacks etc. I want to tell you a little bit of what I've already decided, but I'd also like to ask thoughts and opinions. But I'll get to that later.

First of all. Here's a refresher on our floorplan:

The first little personalization we've already done is putting extra stud backing behind where doors will open, behind shower curtain rods and by windows, and where we want to hang TV's. The next things we are planning now are closet shelves. The bedroom that faces the street will start as Lee's bedroom, but we plan on finishing the basement and at that point Lee will move downstairs and that room will become an office. So, we're designing it as a room that can easily convert to either purpose. In there, we've put a CAT 5 line and a phone jack, to make it easy to put in a computer. I want to put mostly shelves in that closet and not so many rods so that papers and printers and whatnot can be stored in there. Not to mention, Lee is a boy. He needs more shelf space and less rod space. I actually don't plan on putting any full-length rods in that room. (like for long dresses.) I plan on doing shelves on each side of the closet and double rods in between. Is there anything else I should think about?

Now, Anna and Katie's bedroom is the one that faces the back yard. On one side of their closet I'll have double rods, then a large section of shelves in the middle, and a short single rod on the other side for full-length dresses. I'm trying to think of colors to paint it, but that will still be a long time coming, so no big deal.

I've been pondering on how to make the entry way more guest friendly, since we don't have a coat closet. I want to build a bench that has shoe spots under the bench, and above it have either cubbies with doors or curtains, or just a set of coat hooks where we can hang backpacks and coats. On the top I want a shelf with some baskets to hold keys and mittens. I want to put this on the wall to the left of the front door, right where the laminate floor will be. Cody wants to put it to the right of the door, between the sidelight and the big front window, and put a TV on the wall to the left. We have a piano that needs interior wall space, and we plan on putting it on the wall adjacent to the laundry closet. How to set up the living room? Where to put a TV, if we put one there at all? How to arrange furniture? This is a slight battle between us, so I'd love for you all to weigh in. :)

The next thing I've been pondering is how to store everything. We have these nice little linen closets in the bathrooms, but we don't have a big one in a hallway. So today I decided that the closet in the kids' bathroom will be our cleaning closet. I'll put shelves on the top half, but leave the bottom part open so I can put our vacuum and steam mop and broom in there, and on the top I can put my cleaning supplies. The bathroom will have some other open storage shelves where I can put towels, and an extra-long vanity where I can store extra TP etc. I, personally, feel like a genius for coming up with this. :)

Lastly, what are some things you love about the houses you all live in right now? What do you wish was different? How would you fix the problems--or prevent them from happening altogether? Is there something you would suggest we do to make sure our home is as kid-friendly and comfortable as possible?


Kathy said...

I found it took several months - even a year of tracking the "cow trails" of our house to determine our clutter spots and where things land before I could really figure out how to organize things well. You're really getting a jump! Don't forget to plan for toy storage - we're running out of space for all our toys! Good luck. If I think of more, I'll leave another comment :)

SHEFFERS 'R' US said...

Are you on Pinterest? If not, it sounds like its time for you to sign up. There are hundreds of ideas that could help you out this and you can easily make a board to keep track of them all. This is one of my favorite home ideas I found there and I immediately thought of it when you mentioned a sub for a coat closet in your great room...


Good luck with everything and let me know if you want a Pinterest invite. :)


Kala M. said...

I'd put the TV the wall that has the closet for the front bedroom and your coat/shoe area on the wall to the left when you walk in the front door. You could also put a couch with a table along the back of it to the right of the front door to create the feel of a true entry. Also if you put the TV on the left wall you will have traffic flowing back and forth in-front of it when people use the front door. :)

Kristin said...

We love our bench with the shoe mat underneath but one big issue is the shoe buildup. Even with rules to put shoes under the bench they still spill out. Maybe half a bench with a shoe mat for wet ones and the other half the bench have little cubbies or boxes shoes can fit in when not being worn.