Sunday, December 11, 2011

Really? a 9 month old baby?

Our little Katie is growing far too quickly! This past month she's completely left her infancy and entered into full-fledged babyhood; bordering on toddler. It's amazing how suddenly that seems to happen.

Kate's two top teeth are about to break through, and she's had some hard moments with teething. But her big break through this month: standing! She's crazy! She can stand up for several seconds without holding on to anything. I'm afraid she'll take off walking at any second. With these new found standing skills and wicked fast crawling, Katie has found great pleasure in touching anything she can find. She enjoys exploring the world around her, even at the expense of some unsuspecting plant or Christmas decoration.

I'm really proud of our baby girl and the way she's handled the crazy situation we're in with moving and building and whatnot. Sometimes it's hard to find a quiet place to take care of a baby, but we do our best and are so grateful we have our little Katie Bubble. Happy 9 months to you, Katie-gug-gug!

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Nikki said...

Wow. How did that happen?! Those last nine months flew by fast!

And what a doll she is. :)