Friday, January 6, 2012

The House: 23 Weeks and rolling along

I forgot to do my weekly journal of the build last week...woops.

The holidays have been kind of hard on our whole build schedule, but I have high hopes that now that it's back to normal schedule, things will perk right up again. We've been plugging away at the stone and it's coming along, albeit slowly.

Last night Cody and I worked on insulation. Insulating wasn't supposed to be our job, but there was a hiccup in the original quote and we had to shuffle around the money and work a little bit so that we could use spray insulation on the floor joists in the basement... anyway, long story short: we now insulate the garages and part of the basements ourselves. Other than the fiberglass everywhere, it's not a bad job. You simply cut the rolls of insulation to size and gently tuck them in between the studs. We wear safety goggles, masks, gloves, and long sleeves while working with it, and we take a cold shower when we get home (hot water can melt the fiberglass and fuse it into your skin... eeesh...)--but some still got in Cody's eye and scratched it pretty badly. He went to the doctor today and was given some antibiotic eye drops to help it not get infected. So, he's pretty miserable after that, but I actually enjoyed doing the insulation. I enjoy doing the things that I can do well and quickly. And, it felt good to take a short break from the tedium that is rock.

Anyway... besides rock and insulation, we didn't do a whole lot else. The subcontractors took Christmas off, so our electrical is on hold for a while. A few more houses got insulation and the mudding and taping also got done in a couple more. On Saturday (New Year's Eve) there was a pretty hefty wind and a couple of our tents were damaged. A piece of our Code Wrap fell off, so Cody and I fixed that on Tuesday. Here's a picture of that little goodie.

While we were working on our flapping Code Wrap, though, we did see some happy thing:
(I know it's a black tarp. it's what's under the tarp that counts.) New concrete stairs on our back patio! No more two foot drop off! We were thrilled to see some concrete go in. It's been months since anything has been done, but the weather has been so nice that they were able to do some. Of course we got super excited and ran to Brent to ask him if this meant we could get the driveways done right now, but our hopes were quickly dashed as he explained to us that concrete on concrete is okay, but if you dig down an inch or two, it's still frozen solid (hm. explain the mud you can lose shoes in then...?). Oh well. Everything they can get done now still gets us closer to being entirely done.

So. Here's the house-by-house from the end of this week (January 6, 2012):

House 1: Sheetrock, taping, mud, and wall texture done. They chose to have "wholly smooth" wall texture, which is done by scraping mud across with a trowel. This was one of our options (but not one we picked for our own house). Rock, grout done, tent down and moved. Attic insulated. Back patio stairs placed.
House 2: Sheetrock, taping, mud, wholly smooth texture done, attic insulated. Tented for stone, stone all done except for a few corners that weren't delivered, grout started.
House 3: sheetrock, taping, mud done. Attic insulated. Stone and grout completed, tent off and moved (to house 7).
House 4: Insulation done, rock completed, grout all done. Garage insulated.
House 5: Insulation done. Garage insulated.
House 6 (ours!): Back patio stairs placed. Stone and grout 100% completed.
House 7: Insulation done. Garage insulated.
House 8: Plumbing started, heating started.
House 9: Plumbing and heating started... maybe completed? I'm not quite sure.

It's interesting to see the disparity right now between house 1 and house 9. House 1 has had plumbing done for months! But they'll all be done at the same time. House 1 may be getting everything super fast, but at the end they'll have to look at their completed house every day and keep building while we finish the last few houses. Which is why we're very happy we're House 6. We don't get much first, but we don't get much last either. :)

Well friends--on to another week!

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