Sunday, January 15, 2012

The House: 24 weeks and into 2012

We've had over a month of short build weeks, due to holidays and rock/grout shortages, but this week was a full 35 hours again. It felt so good! Well, for me at least. I think we're all getting anxious to get these houses finished--and we're definitely all sick of stone. Putting in some big hours again felt like an important step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, we saw our subcontractors for sheetrock and insulation, but still no electrician. I'm getting somewhat annoyed, because they told us (personally) that they'd have our house done before Christmas. Urg. Oh well, this is the life of construction, I suppose. Hurry up and wait.

So, here's what' going on out at our neighborhood:
House 1: No change (sheetrock, mud, tape, texture done)
House 2: Still missing some corner pieces of stone and the grout between them, but otherwise stone is and grout is done. Tent taken down and moved.
House 3: No change (see house 1)
House 4: Insulation and sheetrock done.
House 5: Insulation and sheetrock done. Stone and grout all done--except (you guessed it) we ran out. I think the tent will stay up, though, since it doesn't need to move to a new house. It can just wait until the stone arrives.
House 6 (ours!): No change. Waiting for electricians.
House 7: Insulation and sheetrock done. Stone and grout completely done (the corners it needed came in time to finish). Tent moved.
House 8: Tent set up, scratch coat on.
House 9: Tent set up, scratch coat done. This house is going to be slightly different because their stone is dry stacked: in other words, there is no grout. We're excited not to grout it because grout is not a pleasant job. But it has to be done a little differently because the stones have no spaces between them. On the other houses we've used little stones or 1/2 inch pieces of ply wood to space the rocks out. This one we'll have to be more cautious on how they're placed; but when the stone is on, we'll be done. And since this is house 9--we'll REALLY be done!

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