Saturday, January 21, 2012

The House: 25 weeks

Twenty-five weeks building... seems like it should be some kind of benchmark or something. We're nearing the end of 6 full months. It feels like we've been building forever, and yet it feels like we have been building just a few days. We are definitely anxious to get the houses done, especially after this week (read on).

December and January, up to this week, have been record-breakingly dry. In December we only got .10" of precipitation, and normal is 1.5". Even now there's no snow on the ground. But this week it rained, and rained hard. We got nearly an inch of rain just in the last three days. There's actually a flood warning issued for our town right now because the ground was frozen, and then this rain, and it's pooling bad. So, on Thursday, Cody thought he would be working on rock all day and ended up helping several people in our group prevent/clean up/battle flooding in some of the basements. "House 2" had it the worst--their lot is particularly muddy, and then they have a big hole underneath a cantilever that has a window well in it too, and the window well is too short, and also a valley on their roof drops right there. All of this combined, and they had two feet (and rising) of water in the window well pressing against the window and glass. They opened the window to relieve the pressure on the glass, but then of course all the water poured into the basement. Our neighbor came to the tent where Cody was working on stone in tears, and they all put down what they were doing and ran to her house to clean up the water and try to stem the flow with tarps and walls of rocks and mud. Cody said everyone got covered in mud, but the homeowners were very grateful. These kinds of problems won't exist (or at least won't be as bad) when we have gutters on the houses and the final grade done. At any rate, after cleaning up the flooding, the gratitude poured out and they had an especially productive night because some of the little dramas we always battle were able to be put aside. So see? God does work in mysterious ways. :)

In other GREAT news, the electricians came back and did our house! Woohoo! It only took them 2 days to run all of the wiring for light fixtures and outlets and cable. I'm excited about some of the things they did; particularly, placing outlets higher on the wall wherever we marked TV's, and also putting in the reinforced light fixture outlet in the master bedroom and living room, meaning we can eventually upgrade to a ceiling fan in there. Cool stuff.

This week:
House 1: Interior doors installed.
House 2: Interior doors installed. Flood averted. ;)
House 3: Interior doors installed.
House 4: mudding and taping done.
House 5: mudding and taping done, walls textured. Stone and grout done until, you guessed it, we ran out of stone.
House 6 (ours!): electrician done.
House 7: mudding and taping done, and walls textured with wholly smooth texturing which the homeowner did NOT order and does NOT want... yeah, we'll see how that pans out. He swears he's going to make the subcontractors come back and sand it off. I had a bad feeling this would happen somewhere, because the subs admitted on house 1 that they didn't have the order list, and so far they've just been doing the texture on every house without asking. For now, this issue is to be continued... dun dun dun....
House 8: Stone on and grout started, woot woot!
House 9: Stone almost all on. Keep in mind they're the only dry stacked, so it is taking us longer to put up, but once we're done, we're done! (that is, IF they have enough stone...)

I have a poll running for which will happen first: we finish stone on all 9 houses (minus the pieces that had to be reordered) or Katie walks?


Granny D Fifield said...

We think Katie will walk first.

Cute aprons but we already knew that you are two wonder women!!!

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

Sounds wild! And exciting!