Saturday, January 28, 2012

The House: 26 weeks

Here we are, creeping along, building every day. I swear it's getting closer to being done, but I think this was the first week I really had one of those "I wish we weren't building" moments. Don't get me wrong--it wasn't a "I wish we had never done this," it was more, "I really miss my husband! I wish our house was DONE! Let's go out and finish this thing so we can sit in our living room and look out the front window and cook in my kitchen and watch TV from our couch!" kind of moment.

But the good news this week, is that we were all on finish work. We are in the houses now, where it is warm and the construction lights are bright and you don't have to wear thermals AND sweats AND jeans AND double socks. There are still a few projects that we have to do outside (namely, there are 3 houses that are still waiting for more stone to be delivered before that can be finished entirely, then we have some garage framing to fix, then we plaster the foundations with the finishing cement, and painting the doors), but the majority of what is left to be done is now inside work.

This week, we were trained on how to do trim around doors, baseboard, building the shelves in the closets (which we can design any way we want! aaah!), putting in window sills, and stair runners (baseboard around the stairs). We have a few people who have been trained on one or two of those things, and they'll go through and do that on each of the nine houses. That way, we can really specialize and get good at it, and it goes faster. So we are working in three houses right now, but all kind of rotating between them, and it's hectic inside as everyone is doing their own thing but sharing tools. If it sounds a little crazy it's because it is. Cody and I worked on trim and baseboard in House 2, while their homeowners did the shelves, and someone else did the window sills. Same things were going on in House 1 and 3. I suppose I'll detail this more in my house-by-house, which is right now:

House 1: Trim, Baseboard, and window sills started.
House 2: still waiting on stone for outside. Trim, baseboard, and window sills complete as far as we can go right now. There were a couple of doors that had the wrong swing on them, and so those have to be fixed, which means they obviously can't be installed or trimmed. Closet shelves designed and being built. *Also, we don't put baseboard where vinyl or laminate flooring will be, only where carpet will be. We'll finish that baseboard later.
House 3: Trim, baseboard, window sills, stair runners all done. Working on shelving.
House 4: Interior doors installed.
House 5: Waiting for stone to be delivered.
House 6 (ours!): Electrical done. Cody and I went back on Thursday to fix a few framing things. We need to have wood blocking on the ceiling in the corners so that the sheet rock will have somewhere to be screwed into. Most of the blocking was done several weeks ago, but there were a few missing spots. Also, one of our linen closets in a bathroom goes in front of a cabinet. The cabinet guys came through to do some preliminary measuring and said that the spot for the cabinet was too large, by about 3 inches. So our project supervisor told us to add a few studs to effectively thicken the linen closet wall. The more we looked at it, we thought, "hey, instead of making the wall thicker, let's increase the size of the closet!" So we got permission, made a few cuts, and moved two walls. Instead of using 6 8' studs, we used 3" of base plate and just one 8 stud, and ended up with a 3" bigger linen closet. Pretty smart, eh? I've been thinking about how this is all getting easier and easier, as we become more comfortable with the tools and the jargon and more confident in our own skills. I thought the same thing as we started using the finishing nail guns. They're cute little staplers compared to our behemoth 20 pound nailguns that we used on the subfloor, sheathing, and framing. I don't even flinch at the saws any more either. You know what? Building a house is empowering! (anyway. enough of my tangent. on to more houses...)
House 7: Sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding subcontractors. Remember how they had the wrong texture on the walls? Well, it's gone now. One more reason to ALWAYS double, triple check before doing something.
House 8: Stone finished! Tent down. Electrical done.
House 9: Waiting on more stone to be delivered, so the tent stays up for now. Electrical done.

Some exciting things are slated for this week. I won't say what they are, just in case it doesn't happen. And, to leave you all paralyzed in suspense....


Laurie Fifield said...

I love reading your updates even though I get to hear it in person too. And I do hope that "happening" happens.

Sue said...

Go Lisa! (And Cody, of course). This is so exciting for you. And how smart to jump on to the opportunity for a bigger linen closet. That three inches multiplied by each shelf adds up to a lot of extra storage! And I'm so jealous that you get to design and install your own closets! We would be able to do that but it means more $$ to our builder. I'm a little jealous that you get to do it yourselves. If you want any help with closet design, I love thinking about stuff like that.