Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Katie's accomplishment

She's been so close--standing unassisted, or walking with fingers held, or even a couple wobbly steps by herself, but it was her Sunday dress that sealed the deal. She got so sick of trying to crawl in her little outfit. It just was NOT working. She fussed about it for a while, then she just stood up and started walking around. Then she realized, "Hey, this feels pretty good! No sore knees!" Sure, she still falls over quite often, but she stands back up and gets going again.

For the record, both Katie and Annalisa walked at age 10 months and 11 days. How's that for a sisterly bond?

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John and Anna said...

Awesome! What a big girl! She's adorable and determined! Must be something about girls that get them going faster. Though mine hasn't started walking yet, she will far sooner than Cache ever did.