Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, 2012 (Construction Style)

You know, looking back on the last few years, we really don't do big flashy things for holidays and birthdays. I sometimes wish I could afford nice trips or expensive dates or big gifts, but I'm really happy with our simple, easy, and fun perspective on holidays.

Yesterday was Valentine's, and like every other day for the last six months, we just kind of played it by ear. Cody got me 3 beautiful red roses and had them on the table when I went to get the kids breakfast. I bought him a candybar that I found a coupon for. We made chocolate dipped strawberries and we made homemade Valentines for Lee's class. But to top it all off, I brought out some LED tea light candles, a table cloth, a bottle of sparkling grape juice and some plastic cups (along with our regular leftovers in Tupperware) and set us up a little date dinner. The location was perfect: in our new house. (and yes, you get a preview of this week's big update: sheetrock!)

Sorry the picture is blurry. It was dark.

What I have learned from several years of scrimping and saving over holidays instead of splurging: you can still find wonderful, inventive ways of showing love that are just as meaningful as two dozen roses and a diamond necklace. Don't get me wrong: I love diamonds! But what I love more than diamonds is avoiding debt, having peace of mind, and most importantly--my husband and children. I love my family and I love getting creative and enjoying the simple moments (like a fake-candlelit dinner and toasting our love with plastic disposable cups in a dusty and drafty construction site). I'm definitely learning that life can be as special as you make it--in any place and on any budget.

Happy Valentine's day!