Friday, February 3, 2012

The House: 27 weeks

This week was a major landmark for our group. Sum total, all nine families and volunteers, we have put in over 10,000 hours. That's right friends, four zeros, ten-THOUSAND hours building. That is pretty mind blowing!

And you know what? It shows. The houses are really taking shape and we know we're entering the homestretch (ha ha! get it? home stretch? aw, I crack myself up) of this major marathon of building. Subsequently, we're getting antsy to move in, and the stress level is continuing to rise, and as we work on individual homes and those homeowners become very picky about the interior of their house (as they should be), it can cause some friction. But, we're fighting through it. To say this was perfect, stress-free, nothing but fun would be a lie. It always has been, and continues to be, long hours of hard work. We miss our children and want our new home to be nice, and after all, we've been building for 10,000 hours! But we're getting there. We're closer every day.

On Monday the last three homes including ours had the 4-point inspection: framing, plumbing, electrical, and heating. We were missing some truss anchors in the garage, but otherwise we passed. So yesterday (Thursday, February 2) we were able to finally move on to the next step: INSULATION!!!

They insulated the last 3 houses yesterday, but ours was last last, which I'm actually really grateful for. Otherwise, we never would have gotten these pictures and this little movie. The subcontractors have a great big truck that they pull up to the house.

First, they go through and put a special fabric-like sheet on the walls and staple it to the studs. This will hold up the insulation. It's quite tough. They put a special insulation-rated cardboard on the eaves and use spray foam around that, where it's too tight a spot for the blown insulation. Around windows and doors, and in the holes where the cords or pipes are run, also gets spray foam. We made sure that every tiny hole got filled. Then, at last, they bring in their big huge hose, poke it through the fabric, and blow in the insulation fibers. When it is all done, it is quite compact and you can immediately tell a difference in warmth and echo in the house. It is SO cool. Or warm, I should say?

In this pic, the pink walls behind Cody are already done, but the whitish wall to his right is not done. This was about 4:00 PM. They finished up at about 5, vacuumed up the fibers you can see on the floor, and then headed off. Our house is all insulated now! After the sheetrock is done, they will come back and do the attic.
Our big project last night was to get those truss anchors done so that sheetrock can come in, maybe sometime next week. When we originally did truss anchors, we used a compressor and nail gun. But alas, all the compressors are being used in other houses, so we did these guys by hand. Cody is a superman! It was cold. (See him on his little ladder there? Yes, he did put on a jacket.)

So, that was this week at our house. Here's everyone else:
House 1: Trim, baseboard, stair runners, window sills, done! (Well, we will do more baseboard once the flooring is in, but for now, it is done.) Closet shelves all built. Ready to move on to the next house!
House 2: Trim and baseboard, stair runners and window sills done. Closets *this* close to being done.
House 3: See house 1--ready to move the saws to the next house. Woot!
House 4: trim around doors done, baseboard started, closet shelves started.
House 5: no change from last week.
House 6 (ours!): Inspection passed, wall insulation in, truss anchors fixed, getting ready for sheetrock.
House 7: subcontractors finished sanding off the wrong wall texture and now there is a ton of dust in there. But, the walls are smooth!
House 8 & 9: Inspection done and wall insulation done, just like ours.

So, that as they say is that. The awesome thing I was hoping for didn't happen quite yet, so you'll still just have to wait. Ha, you'll have to wait just like us! :)

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Laurie Fifield said...

Oh man, I thought I knew what the awesome thing was - inspection and insulation. I guess I'll be waiting too.