Friday, February 10, 2012

The House: 28 Weeks

These last few weeks have just flown by! It seems like only seconds ago I was writing up last week's post, and here's another one... wowser.

There were some fun things that happened this week. My mom--who is always so generous with her time and babysits for us quite often--was out of town, so I only went out on Saturday and not any of the weekdays, which ended up being a good thing because I am pretty sick. But here's what's been going on.

On Saturday, my dad, Cody, and I went out to build and spent the time at our own house getting it ready for sheetrock and siding. Dad and Cody added another set of 2x4's and some sheathing around our garage door frame. Apparently the concrete was too wide at the bottom or something (I'm not exactly sure why the frame had to be widened), so we had to fix it. That was a problem on all 9 houses, and ours was the first one to get it done, since it wasn't a huge priority. While the boys were fixing the garage door, I, Lisa, myself, insulated the framing around the stairs. If you can't tell, I'm very proud of myself. :) (But more proud of Cody and Dad for the framing job... insulation is pretty easy. Okay. Really easy. Just messy.)

While I was all dressed up in my insulating gear, we did a project I've been hoping to accomplish for several months, but wasn't sure we would get it approved (but we did!): We put some sound resistant insulation around the laundry closet. Cody and I bought this as one of my Christmas Presents, and we got the OK to put it in, so we did! I figure it's a $30 project now, but if we get sheetrock, we'd never be able to do it (unless we redid the sheetrock, would be over a thousand dollars)... you know the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

We also tucked some insulation around the bottoms of the bathtubs. It helps keep the water warm when you're taking a bath.

While we had the nail gun over at the house, we also made sure all our blocking was really nailed in well. Our Project Manager helped us move our dining room light fixture location so that we can center it over our table. Lastly, we snuck in some CAT-5 internet cable. Shhhh, don't tell anyone!

That was all on Saturday. During this week, we've had another fun thing: we met with the lighting guy and ordered our light fixtures! He called Cody at noon on Thursday and set up an appointment for two the same day. Ack! Thank goodness I've been browsing the websites for weeks and already had written down what I wanted. I typed it all into the budget worksheet we had and printed it off for Cody to take out to the meeting, since we couldn't go together (no time to find a babysitter). I even put in any possible upgrades I would like (like a 4 light vanity instead of a 3, etc) and the increased cost. I was trying to be helpful. Well, apparently I was very helpful, because the lighting guy had never seen such an organized order. He was able to write everything down and get the order in in half an hour. It usually takes way longer than that. And the great news is that we were able to get all the fixtures I really wanted and stay within budget! (well, I should clarify: we were $66 over budget. But we just payed the overage out of pocket and it wasn't a big deal.) We got an extra $115 in our budget, however, because we already have lightbulbs. I'm so glad that those couple of years ago when Sam's Club over ordered on energy saver lights and marked them way cheap we went ahead and bought six boxes of them. They've paid for themselves ten times over already.

The electricity and gas got activated in the house this week, so Cody plugged in our microwave (that we carry around in the backseat of the car along with our other building tools. HEY! we're the smartest ones there! we don't spend $20 a night eating out, and we still get a hot meal. So don't knock it.) in our OWN house! I have mixed feelings. I always thought I'd be the first one to cook in our house. I'm just going to say that warming up leftovers doesn't officially count as cooking. And oh well--it'll always be "my" kitchen.

And lastly, we had sheetrock delivered on Thursday evening! There's a possibility they're even installing it today, but I don't know--we don't go out on Fridays. We may need to go out there tonight and check it out anyway. I'm just too excited, I guess. :)

Whew! Lots of little things going on! Here's how the other houses are faring.
House 1: Not much change, other than a little bit of trim and the garage framework being fixed.
House 2: Finally got stone delivered to finish up that last corner! But it hasn't been put up yet.
House 3: Same as house 1.
House 4: Trim, baseboard, stair runners, closets, garage frame, and all kinds of things going on. They're pretty much ready to caulk.
House 5: Starting trim and baseboard, interior doors, and closets. Last of stone delivered, put on, and grouted. Stone FINALLY done there! Tent came down.
House 6 (ours!): See above. ;) Wall insulation done, sheetrock delivered.
House 7: Starting trim and baseboard. Interior doors installed, closet shelves being designed.
House 8: Wall insulation done, sheetrock delivered and installed.
House 9: Had a big setback: the head clearance over the stairs was too short (by just half an inch... ugh). So we had to tear out the stairs. Nobody is happy about it. The poor homeowner had to take a lunch break while a couple of guys took the sledgehammer to the staircase-- it was just too hard to watch. The stairs will have to be rebuilt, slightly steeper than before, before sheetrock can be done. But meanwhile, their stone was delivered and finished. Their tent can come down now too!

Still no "really exciting" thing. It will be great when it does come, but right now I'm plenty stoked about what is going on. We're getting a house!


Kathy said...

Carrying a microwave is not crazy at all. Two times we've had work crews at our house and they have brought their own microwaves! If the pros do it - that must just mean you are a pro :)

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

Awesome! Sounds like it's going great....and to have the title 28 weeks I instantly thought, it's like having a baby! 28 weeks....ha ha ha.