Friday, February 17, 2012

The House: 29 Weeks and Happy Birthday to me!

Another week down!

Yesterday was my birthday. My awesome mom brought the kids out along with 6 large pizzas, 3 gallons of lemonade, and cupcakes. (I helped her make/order the food, but she did all the packing and hauling and moving and setting it up). We had a great birthday party. I felt so special and enjoyed a night of building and celebrating with all my new friends. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times--we're building more than houses. We're building a neighborhood.

But we didn't just party this week, we got some good stuff done. Firstly.... SHEETROCK!!!!
(see the sheetrock over the front window? They cut it out later.)

On Saturday when the kids and I took lunch out to Cody and his dad, the subs were in our house hanging the sheetrock. They had fired up the furnace and Cody opened our vents (we had them covered with leftover shingles to help keep them clean) and were moving fast. They had it mostly done on Saturday, and finished it the remainder of the way on Monday. They're pretty quick with it, and I'm SO glad we don't have to do sheetrock by ourselves! It's very dusty, very heavy, and if you make a mistake it's an expensive one.

The dining room, as seen from the front door:Master bathroom:

The laundry closet/hall, as seen from Lee's room looking toward the girl's room:So anyway, they finished up the sheetrock on Monday. Tuesday they did the first coat of taping and mudding. We went in to see how it was going and learn a little bit about mudding, since we know it's quite the process. Like most things, it's easier with the right tools. But when we went in, they had our house being heated with a propane burner and they informed us that the furnace wasn't working right. The fan was running okay, but it wasn't heating well. So after they left, our group member who knows all about furnaces went downstairs and checked it out. He found a drain wasn't draining properly and some water had gotten into the circuit board. On Wednesday afternoon the heating guys came back and repaired the furnace and fixed the drain, and now it's running great. So we got our second coat of mud and tape on Thursday and are getting our final coat of mud today. (three coats, with drying time in between, followed by a good sanding, makes the mud nice and smooth.) We'll probably get to start our doors and trim early next week.

Meanwhile, around the neighborhood:
House 1: We spackled the nail holes on the trim, baseboard, and shelves, then went back and sanded them smooth. Also started on caulking.
House 2: Worked a bit on their stone which finally arrived. We re-tented half of their house. Their stone is all on now, just needs grout. Also, spackling and sanding.
House 3: Has 3 4x4 wood posts that will be for their hand railing installed. Spackling and sanding and caulking.
House 4: Front posts installed. Trim and shelves all done.
House 5: Trim, closet shelves, window sills, stair runners all done.
House 6 (ours!): Sheetrock done, mud and tape mostly done.
House 7: Trim, closet shelves, baseboard, etc all done. Back porch poured--yes, Concrete! Front posts installed.
House 8: Sheetrock, mud, tape all done. Interior doors installed (or at least some of them). Front posts installed.
House 9: Stairs re-built, dormer windows put in, sheetrock hung. Front posts installed.

One last note about those front-posts I was mentioning: some of the different floorplans have a handrail along the front porch. Ours does not. The ones that do have these big vinyl-wrapped posts on them. Cody and another guy in our group put them in. They're kind of tricky and very large and heavy, and they are bolted into the concrete and then nailed into the trusses above. That's a job that I won't talk about when it comes "our turn" because we don't have any, but I still wanted to mention because Cody did such a good job with it. :)

Still no estimated move-in date. So, were just working away until it's done. They're coming!


Laurie Fifield said...

I didn't hear that all the houses now have Sheet rock! That's rocking awesome!!

Granny D Fifield said...

We walked through on Tuesday. We loved it. I like the floor plan - it flows. The basement is huge! We are so impressed with you two and jealous of all you are learning.

Melanie said...

Way to go! You guys rock!