Friday, February 24, 2012

The House: 30 weeks

This has been such an exciting week out at the build site! Our "Very exciting thing" finally got started, though not our house yet: Siding! House 1 and house 7 have both got their siding this week. The rest are going to be started soon too. But let's go into detail about our house, since it's been a busy place this week. Saturday the mudding/taping guys finished the texture on the ceiling and the last coat of mud on the walls. Cody's dad was helping us that day, and asked them how they do the texture. They showed him, and let him do Lee's closet ceiling. They take a rag filled with mud and kind of squish it on the ceiling, then flatten it out with a trowel. Simple, easy, effective. It looks great too. Cody's parents also cleaned and organized our cold storage room where we've been storing our tools and extra wood, and Dad's tools that he's loaning us for painting are all ready to go. Yay!

Tuesday Cody and I spent the day at our house, getting things ready. We plugged in the construction lights. We wire them where the smoke detectors will go, then turn on the circuit breaker and voila! light!

It's been my job to design the closets. I've been thinking about this for weeks, asking for advice and looking at pictures, measuring our baskets and hampers and hangers and clothes, trying to determine exactly what will be best for our family. I had a good time with my measuring tape, level, pencil, and list of measurements laying out closets this week. It's tricky to determine exactly where the rods and shelves will go, but it's even tougher to see the 3D result from our lines on the wall. It took some tweaking, but I think I've got it figured out. One of the guys in our group came through then and put in some of the banding on the walls that will support the shelves.

Also on Tuesday, Cody and I carried all our doors over to our house. They'd been in the garage at House 3 for a week, since we were getting sheetrock while they were delivered and couldn't go directly to our house. So we had to carry them, one by one, up the street. On Wednesday, Cody and the same guy who worked on shelf banding put in all of our interior doors. Wahoo! They are beautiful.

After the doors went in, we're ready for trim! We pulled out our box of rosettes that we cut a few weeks ago, along with the bottom plinth pieces, and installed them on the corners of the doors. We made sure they were level, then nailed them in on the corners. Cody was sweet and saved me one to do on Thursday. :) My dad helped us put the pine trim around the door frames. It is pretty easy to do with the rosettes, since we just make straight cuts. After they've been cut to just the right size, Cody came through and nailed them in.

We're not entirely done, but we're really close. The result is so pretty! I'm loving it. We worked ever so slightly on baseboard, but there's still a lot of that to do.

But while we were working hard inside, something else arrived I am just thrilled with: our garage door!It was installed Wednesday morning, just before we started trim. This is so great, because we can put the saw in the garage with the door closed, turn on our little heater, and it's not too horribly cold while we work.

So that's what happened at our house. Here's the rest of the group:
House 1: Siding on! Sanding and caulk and vacuuming going on, getting ready for paint.
House 2: Stone and grout worked on some more, but there's still a section of grout that needs to be done. Getting closer on that. Also, spackling, sanding, vacuuming, and caulking is in full swing. Garage door on.
House 3: Needed some extra sanding because there were some problems in the caulk. Caulk is nearly impossible to sand out, so it's important we do it right the first time. It's been a tough week at that house, but I think it's starting to look a lot better. Also, vacuuming and getting ready for paint.
House 4: No change from last week. (waiting for spackle and caulk)
House 5: Trim and baseboard and everything finished, ready for spackle and caulk. Garage door on.
House 6 (ours!): Interior doors in, starting trim and baseboard and shelves. Garage door on.
House 7: Siding delivered and started being installed. Some vacuuming done and spackling
House 8: Doors in, trim mostly done. Baseboard and shelves worked on as well. Garage door on.
House 9: Sheetrock on, mudded, taped, and textured. Now, all 9 houses have been sheetrocked!

Exciting exciting things. Progress puts everyone in a good mood. So does sunshine. Today, we have both!


Kristin said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I think it's fun you picked the same inside doors we have on our place in Brigham, they sure are good looking doors. Looks like everything is coming together great.

Laurie Fifield said...

Very exciting!!

Melanie said...

How fun! While not on the same level, I felt the same way while we were gutting our house. It seemed liked things went kind of slowly and then SHABANG! It all wrapped up so quickly! I can't wait to see your fun designs on the closets shelves. That's one thing we've done (still doing, too) in our house: added more shelving to our closets to maximize space. And your trim looks great!