Monday, February 6, 2012

The House: Extra hours

Occasionally, we've been allowed to come in on "our own time" (non-required hours) and do some extra projects to make our house extra nice. Today, we're doing a really special project I thought deserved its own post.

We are cutting rosette blocks that will go above the corners of our doors and windows as a decorative trim.

We took the MDF board we have available for our trim. It is 6 inches tall and 3/4" deep, and about twenty feet long. First, using the table saw, we stripped it in two (not in half... one side was 2 3/4" tall and the other side was about 4" tall). Then we used the chop saw to cut them all 2 3/4" inches wide. We just set up a little clamp on the chop saw so that we can push the MDF right up to that and cut without having to measure every little piece. So, if you're keeping tabs, that ends us with two types of block, one 2 3/4" square and one rectangle that is 2 3/4" by about 4". Then, I take the router and round off the corners with a 1/8" rounding bit.

Cody takes the squares to the drill press, which we've fitted with more clamps and wood to correctly position the pieces, and using this awesome bit we bought on line, stamps in a rosette. It is a 2 1/8" diameter circle.

The last thing we do is make sure all the cuts are clean, and sand if necessary. The rectangles only get the routering on three sides and no rosette. The edge that will touch the floor does not get routered.

By the end of the evening, our box was full of rosette squares and plain rectangles. I think they will dress our house up very nicely! I am excited to get them installed so I can take pictures of the final product, so stay tuned for a few more weeks to see how it turns out. We made about 65 of each today, and that will be mainly for the doors. Eventually we hope to trim the windows and the basement doors (we will need to finish the basement first, obviously), but that will come in time. The good news is that we own the bit now and we have the measurements all down so we can make more if we ever need to. And before you feel all sorry for us spending our free time building (ha, as if you feel sorry for us! We took this on ourselves!), we only spent about two and a half hours total on this particular project, and most of the time one of us was running inside to get kids baths and check on napping Katie and stuff. Pretty spankin' awesome, I do say!


Laurie Fifield said...

Awesome indeed!

Eric V.Bonds said...
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Melanie said...

They will look awesome! I can't wait to see them!