Friday, February 3, 2012

Life as *I wish it weren't

I cannot believe how busy we've been the past few weeks. I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, because despite being busy, these are weeks I want to remember and cherish and I just can't because of time constraints.

Katie is walking all over the place. She's learned how to climb stairs too, which is a good thing. Now we don't have to block off the stairs constantly.

Annalisa has cut up a couple of things recently, and I'm trying to find more clever ways of hiding the scissors. Seriously! I can't understand how she goes to time out, cries pathetically over her misdoings, and then goes and does it again. What the? Three year olds. sheesh.

Lee is sick today, again. He's already had one round of the stomach flu and now another. I'm not thrilled. I just hope it doesn't go through all of us again. It was bad enough the first time. Also, Lee is undergoing testing at his elementary school to get some special education. Remember last year when I talked about the measures I was going through to help him? Well, he's still behind, and his concentration issues are becoming greater every day. So even though we are living with my parents and it takes me precisely 15 minutes each way to drive Lee to school, I'm keeping him in the same class until this testing is done. I have high hopes that together we'll find a good path for him, that will teach him to enjoy school and become successful at it.

As for Cody, well, it feels like we hardly see him. He works all morning and builds all night. But we know this is temporary and I'm very grateful for his hard work. He truly is a wonderful man.

And me? I'm just trying to keep it together. I'm so grateful to my parents and Cody's parents who are sacrificing so much right now to help us get our house built. In a few minutes I'll post about how the house is coming, but for now, know that we are busy but happy and trying to keep life together and our kids healthy and happy. It's a juggling act, but we're getting there. It may not be pretty, but it's life as it should be.

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Laurie Fifield said...

It's one of those times that my mom's quote is so true: "This too shall pass." We just have to grit our teeth, hang on tight and ride it out.