Thursday, February 23, 2012

See, I still have 3 kids...

I'm sure you've all noticed what I've noticed the past few months: building our house has been pretty time consuming. But I promise we're not neglecting our kids and the rest of life!

From Lee and Anna: We love reading stories with Grandma at night and we love playing outside, especially when mom lets us go way out in the weeds. There's a big mound of dirt at the bottom of Grandma's hill that we call Turtle Mountain. We like to hike down there. And if our shoes get muddy, well, we just take them off! Of course, Daddy kind of flips out when we do that, but it's sure better than trudging all the way back to the house (about a quarter mile) with muddy shoes.

From Katie: I learned how to climb up on stuff! I'm giving my sister Annalisa a run for her money on being the best maniac climber in our family. Some of my favorite places to climb are on the fireplace mantle, on chairs (which leads to the table, if I'm quick enough), and of course my all time favorite: the tub of Legos! We call that my stage. I like to dance when I get up there.
From mommy: I'm so grateful to all the family that has helped us through these busy busy months. I love spending as much time as I can with my children and watching them learn and grow. They are truly precious to me, and I am grateful they are so patient with their crazy parents. :)

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