Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday, our way

Today Katie was running a fever, and with Lee still just getting over the stomach flu, we decided not to go to my Grandma's Super Bowl party. We were bummed, but then tried thinking of some ways to party ourselves.

First, I made a dinner of buffalo chicken bites (which have been in the freezer for way too long) and some spinach artichoke dip along with fresh bread. We also had sliced veggies and RB floats for dessert. Easy and quick. Now we are watching the Superbowl, and are doing something that is making the game way more fun than previous years. Since we're not big football people but still love any excuse for a party, we're doing a wager war.

We started at dinnertime with a little survey where we made up a bunch of silly wagers. You know, things like "How many commercial breaks before the first Doritos Commercial?" and "Who will win the coin toss?" and "Which team will call the first time out?" Then, we all made our guesses. Whoever wins (or comes closest) gets a point. At the end of the game, we'll tally up the points, and the winner gets a little prize.

We always get way too stressed over cheering for a team we know nothing about. Why not cheer for the game and the family time instead? To me, that's the best kind of Superbowl Party I could ever hope for.

Happy Gaming Day, friends! I hope you all find fun ways to enjoy it with your family.


Angeli said...

Glad you had fun. Dad watched it all alone. I got the internet back and have been catching up my blog...hope Katie is feeling better and it is no fun to have the flu Lee! Hope you're all well soon!

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

Fun! And glad to see how the house is coming! :) Wahoo!!!!