Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

The kids have been busy for weeks getting ready for Saint Patrick's day. We read a story about some kids who wanted to catch a Leprechaun, and decided that would be a pretty good joke. So we designed, built, and then set up several leprechaun traps--including boxes that would fall, a little ladder up a bucket, a peanut butter jar, and even some balloons that would lift the leprechaun to the ceiling where he would call for help.

Well, I'm afraid we didn't catch a Leprechaun. How could we? Leprechauns are the Masters of Mischief, and after he snuck out of all our traps, that silly little guy definitely did some mischief all over our house! He painted moustaches on all the kids:
And green toenails on all the adults (even Grandpa and Daddy Cody):

The house was pretty messy and mixed up when we woke up. The real fruit was replaced with fake, and Lee almost convinced me to bite into an apple before he caved and told me what he'd already figured out. The Leprechaun did leave some gold and a little toy for the kids, and an encouraging note to keep up the mayhem. Then we got dressed in green...
And made a yummy breakfast of rainbow pancakes complete with gold honey butter, and a delicious omelet.
I made Leprechaun sandwiches for lunch (with shredded carrot beards, cucumber hats, and raisin faces... but alas, I forgot to take a picture) and we will have corned beef and cabbage for dinner. It has been so much fun, and the kids have loved it all. Happy Saint Patrick's day, everyone!


Laurie Fifield said...

What a fun day! (but they were waffles, not pancakes) :)

Lisa said...

Wow, that leprechaun even did some mischief in my head if I'm calling waffles pancakes! Yes, they were waffles. And they were delicious. And the corned beef and cabbage was some of the best I've ever eaten.

Angeli said...

Clever. That sure sounds fun.