Friday, March 9, 2012

The House: 32 Weeks

March is here, and it came in like a lion! We've been bouncing between nasty storms and gorgeous blue skies. We keep building no matter the weather, but a few things that you'll soon read about had to wait for the storms to clear.

Some really fabulous stuff happened in our neighborhood this week. At our house, we finished sanding the front lips of our shelves. Nobody else in our team is building these lips, and so we wanted to do the majority of it during non-required hours. I went in while Lee was in Kindergarten and worked, then when I got back I wrote on my Facebook status: "I sanded my lips." What else am I going to think about while running a noisy sander for an hour and a half? I had to come up with some goofy phrase. Anyway, they're nice and smooth now. After that, we are slowly working on setting pokey nails and then covering all the nail holes with spackle. Once the spackle dries (only takes a couple of hours), then we can sand them smooth, but we aren't quite to that point yet. Oh, and by the way, notice the buckets of paint that were delivered that Anna decided was a good little chair during our Friday night Pizza party? (pictured above)

Meanwhile, on the outside of the house we had... wait for it... SIDING!

They worked hard for a day and a half, and then ran out. I'm a little baffled how they can do this for a living, and have put up siding on several of our same floorplan, and still didn't order the right amount of siding... ? Anyway, what is up looks great and I am thrilled with how the blue siding and the white trim and the grey rock is playing together. It is even better than I could have hoped for.

Ah, so pretty. Now, the neighborhood:
House 1: Driveway approach concrete poured. Painting finished. Vinyl floors in bathroom and mudroom put in. Cabinets delivered and installed. Yes, all that! AMAZING!
House 2: Caulking, spackle, sanding, done. Ready for paint.
House 3: Painting finished, full driveway poured.
House 4: Caulking, spackle, sanding done. Primer almost all done. Garage door on.
House 5: Caulking, spackle, and sanding all done. Primer done, first coat of paint started.
House 6 (ours!): shelves sanded, spackle started, siding started.
House 7: Spackle and sanding started. Siding on hold until more can be delivered. When we went out there for our Pizza party tonight, I saw the homeowners of house 1 out building. Now, obviously, there isn't a lot that they can do in their own house right now, so I was surprised to see them. I said hi, and found out that they were sneaking into House 7 because tomorrow is that homeowner's birthday, and as a surprise they put a balloon on the door and spent the evening sanding, vacuuming, and spackling. What a great birthday present! Ok, House 1 owners, you officially win the awesome neighbor prize. My plan of chocolate chip cookies pales in comparison.
House 8: Not much interior change--waiting for spackle and whatnot. Back porch in.
House 9: Trim, shelves, and baseboard started. Cody spent most of his week there helping them, since he's the official master at trim. Driveway and back porch placed.

That's right folks, we have recommenced concrete work! I am so excited to see what happens over these next few days. Every moment something is going on. The houses are wrapping up very quickly, and we're hoping for maybe a month, month and a half more of building. Onward and upward!


Laurie Fifield said...

I am ECSTATIC over the concrete work being done!

Granny D Fifield said...

Everything is coming along. I love the blue siding. It really does work with the rock.

Angeli said...

The house is looking fantastic. So excited for you.