Friday, March 16, 2012

The House: 33 Weeks

We have a sign in the pod where we clock in every day that reads "You can't burn out if you've never been on fire." I feel like these last few weeks we've really been on fire! This week's big project: Caulk... oh so much caulk. I like to think of caulking as showing every tiny corner of the house some love. It's such a small thing, but it makes such a big difference! Caulk gets pumped into every little crack and crevice, and really makes everything nice and seamless. We have about seven or eight caulk guns in our tool sheds, so this week we pooled our efforts and put a large caulking team together and concentrated on just one house at a time. We finished all of house 7 on Tuesday and a little of Wednesday, then moved up to our house on Wednesday evening.

Anyway... here's some tips for caulking. The big trick is to caulk everywhere. We put caulk around edges of trim and baseboard, the seams of door jams, and the edges of shelves. Everyone has his or her own rhythm, but for me, I like to slowly pipe in about a 3' section, then smooth it with my finger, and then one more smoothing with a damp rag. Once it is all smooth and I've wiped off the caulk so there are no ripples or dents, then I rinse out my rag and start again. Cody likes to use two rags--one for goopy places and another for a seamless edge, and he wears latex gloves. I've found I really like caulking. I do well at these jobs where you just kind of pour over every detail and focus hard. Some people hate caulking because it is tedious and you can't go very fast. But love it or hate it, here's the result:
Our shelf for the entryway, getting ready ready for paint (and notice the caulked baseboard behind it):

More people were behind the corner of the master closet. It's a caulking party! This was about 9:00 on Thursday night.
We are extremely close to finishing this phase of caulk at our house, so the big group will probably go over to house 8 on Saturday and Cody will just finish up prepping for paint.

And how's everyone else doing, you might ask?:
House 1: Countertops on
House 2: Prepped for paint (including vacuuming and taping off windows), primer applied. Siding almost all done.
House 3: cabinets, countertops, and garage door in. Did I say they had their driveway poured? I can't remember. Well, at any rate, it's in. Siding delivered.
House 4: cabinets installed
House 5: Driveway poured
House 6 (ours!): caulking mostly done
House 7: sanding, spackle, caulking, and paint prep done. Primer on.
House 8: spackling and sanding and preliminary clean up done, ready for caulk.
House 9: closet shelves done, baseboard and trim almost done. Garage door in.

All 9 houses now have a garage door, and all the closet shelves are done. We anticipate we have about one more big week of paint and caulk, and then we'll probably start floors. We're then scheduled approximately 2 solid weeks of laminate floors, and then a few more weeks of other jobs. We're shooting for a mid-to-late April move-in. And considering most of us can't remember what it was like to do something other than build houses every night, that seems like just a heartbeat away!


Brittany said...

I can't believe how close you are to finishing! What a great accomplishment!

Laurie Fifield said...

These little details make a big difference in the end result.