Friday, March 23, 2012

The House: 34 Weeks

Our house is all painted! It's certainly been a ... smelly... week. :) On Saturday we started with the primer. Using the sprayer certainly speeds up the whole process, but Cody still used a brush on the rosettes to keep them very smooth. On Sunday we brought the kids over after church to let them see the progress. Lee wanted to help paint a bit. :)

The sandable primer+sprayer combination has a tendency to leave little rough spots (think fine sandpaper type rough) on the walls, so on Monday I put in a few non-required hours sanding the walls and shelves. We have non-textured smooth walls, so we really wanted to make sure none of that rough stuff was on there. Cody's dad loaned us this sanding head for a paint roller handle, so I did the whole house. I hate the sound of sandpaper, though, so I wore ear protectors.

After all the sanding and a bit more caulking/putty in places that got missed, we were ready to paint on Tuesday evening. Cody's dad--who has been asking for months when paint would start--came up to help us, and we also had a couple other guys from our group (homeowners of house 7, 5 and 4) help for a while. One would spray and the rest of us had rollers, rolling the walls and getting a nice little stipple texture going. We rolled the ceiling in both directions as well. By the end of the evening whoever was holding the sprayer is completely white, and the backrollers aren't in much better shape. We, obviously, wear face masks. Unfortunately, glasses are not an option because they'd get covered in paint in no time. So we just try to be careful. I told Dad S. that all this painting was making him go prematurely grey, and he said "Thanks for that! It means I still have hair!"

The first coat was finished Tuesday evening--and that's the extra thick coat. The second "final" coat went on Wednesday, and then we did some touch-ups on Thursday. There will be even more touch-ups later on after the final trim is put in. All told, I think it turned out beautifully! Of course it is all white, because that's part of our budget and build rules. I hope to repaint over the next few years and put in some color and visual interest, but for now, white will do very nicely.

Thursday evening we cleaned up the sprayer, loaded out the ladder and rollers and extra paint, and were done with our house's paint. Also on Thursday: our driveway approach was placed. Wahoo! our driveway is done! They also put up the forms for the front walkway and should hopefully place it today, but since I won't be able to check on that until at least tomorrow, I'll put up a picture later. That is, of course, *if* it happens. :)

Now... the neighborhood.
House 1: Waaay back to week 1 when we put on the window wells, apparently we put them up too high. Why it wasn't caught then, I don't know--I actually think they decided to change the final grade or the fill dirt or something after it was done... but anyway, we need to lower those window wells. So this week the foundation was re-excavated around the windows so we can hop in and lower them.
House 2: Same thing as house 1 with the window wells (house 1 and 2 are the same floorplan, so they had the same problem). Also: siding done, cabinets installed and vinyl floors in (bathrooms and mudroom).
House 3: Driveway, front walk, and siding all done.
House 4: Cabinets installed and vinyl floors done.
House 5: Cabinets installed and vinyl floors done.
House 6 (ours!): painting done, driveway approach placed.
House 7: Siding finished and forms up for driveway. Vinyl floors in, cabinets installed.
House 8: Paint all done, siding on.
House 9: spackle, sanding, caulk done. There are a few missing pieces of baseboard that somehow got forgotten, but then they'll be ready for paint.

Since we'll be painting the last house next week and that only needs about 2-3 people, the majority of the team will be ready to move on to new stuff, like laminate floors and plaster on the foundation. It's always fun to learn new things!


Sara said...

You're getting so close! It's amazing to think that you were framing in October!

Laurie Fifield said...

I'm counting five houses that got vinyl floors and cabinets last week, is that right? They do those really fast.

Pamela said...

The problem with our window wells WAS caught before they were put on. But Big Brent and David chose to ignore us. It wasn't until Little Brent had the inspector come out and he gave it a thumbs down that something is finally happening to fix it.

Lisa said...

Thanks for that clarification, Pamela--and that's exactly what I meant. I know it was an inspection thing, and I remember back from the get-go how frustrated you were with them being to short. I meant to say that why the build managers let it get backfilled and didn't do anything about it is a mystery. :) (I'm glad you found my blog!)