Friday, March 30, 2012

The House: 35 Weeks

This week we've begun tossing around dates for the big Open House. Some days our building manager thinks we can finish quickly, and then he says otherwise. It's kind of annoying, actually. I think he's trying to motivate us to stay busy and work hard, but it's just toying with our emotions. Oh well. What has this build been if not emotional?

Cody and I didn't spend a lot of time working in our own home this week (we were in other houses, painting and working on laminate floors), but the subcontractors have sure been busy! On Monday they put in the vinyl floors, which go in the bathrooms and laundry area. I did snap this picture of a remnant piece just so you can see our color a little better.

On Tuesday, they did the final grading in the yard! They did leave a small little trench around the foundation of the house, because it still needs to be beautified with some grinding and finishing concrete.

And then on Thursday, we got cabinets! Wahoo! Sorry this is the best photo we've got. When it gets dark and there's only the construction lights on in the house, and we're using our phones for cameras, the quality is a little compromised. I promise I'll take more photos with our nice camera later, but we don't usually like to take out such nice equipment to the house for fear of loss or breakage.

It's been over 9 months since we made the decisions on what our home would look like, and even then we only had small samples or pictures to choose from. I admit I've been a little nervous on how it would all turn out, but so far I'm loving everything! I think it will flow well and look really nice. I guess my taste hasn't changed much.

Now, what has been going on all around the neighborhood?
House 1: Laminate floor started and almost finished (we actually didn't train, for once, at this house. We learned how to do laminate flooring over at house 5, and this house was the third to start their floors, so that's why they're not done yet.), window wells fixed and re-backfilled. We had to just buy new window wells for this project. It was a very dirty job.
House 2: Window wells fixed. Final grading started.
House 3: Laminate floors started and almost finished. Great big rock "retaining wall" built, because the lot is about two feet lower in elevation than the next door neighbors, and sloping up the side just wouldn't work.
House 4: Driveway in. Laminate floor started and finished.
House 5: Siding started. Laminate floor started and finished.
House 6 (ours!): Vinyl floors and cabinets in, final grading almost all done.
House 7: laminate floors started, final grading almost done.
House 8: Vinyl floors and cabinets in, siding finished, front walk way placed.
House 9: finished caulk and trim, primed and painted.

Just some words on the laminate floor--I'll of course go into detail when it is our turn--they go in the entry ways, dining room, and kitchen. A while back, we were given a copy of our floorplan and told to draw where the laminate would go (we had certain restrictions so we couldn't put it everywhere, but we did have a bit of control). The laminate, by the way, is faux-wood and laid in planks. The vinyl is put down in sheets. We get three types of flooring in the house: vinyl, laminate, and carpet. The only one we actually install is the laminate.

So there you have it! 35 weeks. The closer we get to finishing, the more surreal it feels. In just a few more weeks, we will be able to live in our new home. Wow!


Laurie Fifield said...

But still not finished with the siding.

Sue said...

Hahah - joke's on me - I just realized this is going to take you as long as having a baby (and maybe even go a bit overdue)

Probably a residual from Sara's shower because I haven't been thinking in "weeks" like that until I just read this week's update.

Angeli said...

Looking Good. I love the vinyl flooring color. The cabinets! Oh my that is exciting. We are trying to hold ourselves down in Panguitch, but it is so tempting to run up and see it!

Sara said...

Looking good!