Friday, April 6, 2012

The House: 36 Weeks

It has been another very busy week, but now that we know when our open house is, I can officially say we're one week closer to moving in!  Until now, it has felt like this distant goal that would never come.  But now, there's no stopping until the finish line.  It is the sprint to the end!

There were some amazing and really fun things happening this week besides the meeting where we found out our move-in date.  First of all, on Saturday we did our laminate floor.  Almost all of it was completed that day, except for about 3 pieces right by the front door.  We ran out of laminate that close!  :P Our project manager ordered another couple of boxes the minute he realized we would run out, but they didn't arrive until Wednesday, so that is when we finished the floor.  On Thursday we put in the edge trim that separates the laminate from the carpet and the bullnose at the top of the stairs.  It is dirty and dusty from our feet and construction materials, but it is beautiful.  I love it!
Here's a few more pictures of our completed cabinets.  This is the kid's bathroom.  The cabinet in the corner will be moved back a few inches.  It comes perilously close to the outlet and the light fixture, so hopefully moving it back will fix those problems.  If not, we'll take the cabinet out after we move in and put it somewhere else in the house, then fill that area with open shelving.  The countertop will extend all the way back underneath that cabinet to the wall.  

Here's the master bathroom.  The first picture was taken on Thursday, right before we did the baseboard.  On Friday afternoon (read on to see why we were out there) we got another thing that makes it feel like Christmas: countertops! 
 And of course, the kitchen with the cabinets and floor in, first on Thursday afternoon and then Friday afternoon with baseboard and countertops.
On Thursday, after the rest of the floor was finished, we put in the baseboard over the new laminate and vinyl flooring.  When we painted the house, we laid out several strips of baseboard and painted them as well.  Now, we've used them and finished all the baseboard in the house.  We caulked over the edges, and today (Friday) we snuck in during some non-required hours and puttied the nail holes and then painted over them and the caulk with a little sponge brush.  The baseboard and trim at our house is D.O.N.E.!!!

(Here I am puttying nail holes)

And, the finished product of the floor plus the edges and baseboard (whoops, I didn't go quite far enough over to see the stairs bullnose.  sorry!):
Meanwhile, He-Man-Cody was outside grinding the foundations of the house with a concrete grinder.  When they put in the foundations, they of course use forms which I've talked about before.  These forms, however, leave large lines and bumps and ridges in the concrete.  So Cody is grinding them all smooth and then we will apply a plaster finish coat and make it all pretty.  Everyone agrees that this grinding is one of the least pleasant jobs of the build, and Cody and the homeowner of House 9 are our heroes for taking it on and not complaining. Actually, Cody just got the best laugh of his life: he has been super sore all day because of the grinding, and decided to call the other guy who was helping him yesterday.  Cody said, "Hi, how are you feeling?"  and was immediately replied: "I feel terrible... I can't move my neck, my wife can't figure out what's wrong with me..." Cody laughed and laughed because he's feeling exactly the same way.  :)

Now the house-by-house-play-by-play (But before I begin, there has been a lot of small jobs going on like taping off exterior doors for paint and sanding spackle and caulking trim, so it has been a busy week, even if I don't write down all these little steps at each house.):

House 1: Laminate floors finished, baseboard finished including caulk and spackle, foundation mostly smooth, sinks and toilets installed.  Final grading done.
House 2: Laminate floor done, baseboard done but not caulked yet, countertops, sinks in.  Final grade done.  Foundation grinding done.
House 3:  Final grade done, sinks installed, laminate floor done, baseboard done.  Funny note on House 3 this week--The owners got to go on a vacation to and have been sending out volunteers in their place.  For a few weeks our project manager has been warning us that we'll soon be painting exterior doors and we'll take them all off their hinges and move them to one garage and paint them all at once.  Nobody has been wanting to volunteer their garage for this messy job, even though we'll do whatever the boss asks... but guess who wasn't here to defend themselves on Thursday, and now has a garage all taped off to paint in?  ;D (really, their house is a good one for painting at because they have a very large garage and it's in a central location to all 9 houses.)
House 4: Carpet installed, light fixtures installed, siding on, laminate floor done, baseboard done and caulked.  Final grading done.
House 5: baseboard all in, caulked, and spackled.  Countertop in. Siding finished.  *Note, final grade not done.  This is the only house that it didn't get done at, because they're across the street from the other houses. 
House 6 (ours!): Laminate floor done, baseboard done, countertops started, foundation grinding done, siding finally delivered but not installed yet.
House 7: Laminate floor done, baseboard done but not caulked, foundation grinding done.
House 8: Laminate floor done, baseboard done.  Final Grading done.
House 9: Painting finished, vinyl floors and cabinets installed, laminate floors mostly done until we ran out of pieces just before the end, baseboard mostly in (except for where the laminate isn't done yet).   Final Grading done.

So... in case you're keeping tabs and aren't exactly sure where we're sitting: all 9 houses have vinyl floors and cabinets.  Some have countertops and some don't.  All the laminate is done except for a few pieces that had to be ordered.  Baseboard is pretty much all in, even though it's not all caulked yet.  All the grading is done except for house 5 and the park strips between the road and sidewalk.  Oh, and also yesterday we met with the sprinkler guys to get the sprinkling systems going in the front yard.  I suppose I should expand on this: there's been some craziness with the yards.  Originally we were told we could do what we wanted with it, as long as it was done within 45 days of moving in.  A few weeks ago we were given a bombshell saying we had to adhere to new watersense guidelines that included having 40% or less of our lot as grass--pretty much meaning a ten foot strip of grass around our property and the rest rock or concrete.  Ugh... we were NOT happy.  But we fought hard against that and got the guidelines re-done.  We don't mind being water conscious, but the restrictions really did not make sense.  Now, we're getting even more new information.  The office big-wigs want to make our open house extra special (not sure why...?) and are offering us some free sod (some, not all...enough to defer the cost and make it close to the price of hydroseed) for our front yards if we will put it in before the big day.  So, we all agreed and now will be putting in trees and sod and sprinkling systems and front yard fences before the open house so that the yards will be all gorgeous when we show them off.  I asked if we could not do the yards and move in sooner and was told no, so we might as well finish the yards before we move in and have that 45 day restriction removed, so there is less to worry about when we live there.  Phew!

Just 4 weeks remaining!!!


Laurie Fifield said...

I love reading these posts. What a treasure of a history you have made.

Melanie said...

How exciting! It's all coming together beautiful--I'm very happy for you!