Friday, April 27, 2012

The House: 39 Weeks

(And Yes, I have noticed how amazingly ironic it is that this build will end at 40 weeks.)

What a FUN week this has been for me!  What a STRESSFUL week it has been as well!  As everything is getting tied up at the house, we are working tirelessly to finish what we need to there, but also keep our lives somewhat in order.  Some days it is a struggle just to put on clothing and put food in our own mouths.  Thank goodness for all the help we've received--my Grandma and Grandpa brought over two delicious meals, my mom helped me clean the new house on Wednesday, and the kids have been so patient and understanding and sweet this week.

I guess I'll get on to the meat of this post: our house!  I think the vast majority of the work is done.  At this point, we're ready for sod and cleaning, and that's about it.  We may find a thing here or there that needs to be fixed or finished, but at this point, not much is coming to mind. 

Saturday:  Cody, my dad, and both of Cody's parents were out there for a good portion of the day (Cody all day, the volunteers some solid hours).  They put all the doors back on the hinges and put on the doorknobs.  Some of the closet doors had to be adjusted so they wouldn't rub against each other, and it's a surprisingly easy fix: just remove the hinge across from the rubbing portion, and chisel off a small section of the door right where the hinge attaches, then put the hinge back on.  Super easy!  Now they hang so nicely, it is beautiful.  After the doors, they also put up all the blinds--aaaah, so lovely. 

Sunday we stopped by after church for a few hours for a family picnic lunch, and Cody showed me how he put up the blinds and we added the top trim that came with the blinds.

Monday I went out to clean, but after I left the electrician came back and put in all our switches and plugs!  Tuesday morning the lighting guy came in and did the light fixtures, so when Cody went out on Tuesday night to build, it was like a whole new house.  He put in the light bulbs, switch covers, and finished the closet rods.

Wednesday my mom and I cleaned while Lee was in Kindergarten, and then my dad and Cody went out in the evening.  The water pressure had been tested and the water was ON!  Cody called me and told me he'd used our toilet for the first time.  I'll admit there's been a few times when someone has used the toilet that's brought me to tears (usually the kids while they are potty training), but this was certainly the first time my husband using the toilet has brought me to tears. :)  That night, Dad helped clean out the window wells and fill them with rocks, and Cody started prepping yards for sod by raking and raking and raking. 

Thursday I went back to the house in the afternoon and did touch-ups on the baseboards and trim.  After the carpet went in, some of the baseboard had been pushed back a bit from the install and a few nails were poking out.  I set them, puttied them, caulked a few lines, and then repainted with indoor paint.  While I was there, the first of our inspectors came by to clear the house for moving in.  I asked him if I needed to clear out, but he said no, so I stuck around and painted while he and our project manager were walking through testing lights, fans, faucets, etc.  Right as he was walking out the door, I heard him say to our manager: "Well, this one's great!"  As soon as I heard the door click and knew they were out of earshot, I ran around yelling and cheering.  We passed!  That night Cody continued raking rocks, put in our toilet paper holders and towel rods, and generally just kept working.

Around the neighborhood, everyone is doing similar things.  Again, we haven't been inside the other houses all week, but we did get together to rake rocks.  I know House 1, 7, 6(ours!), and 2 will be getting sod first, so we all have working sprinklers and we have prepped the dirt.  Several houses had inspections this week along with us too.  Some are still getting light fixtures, some have water on, but I'm really not sure who, so I will skip the house-by-house this week.  But I'm certain everyone has been working as hard as we are!

In just ONE WEEK, this beautiful new home will be all ours.  *squeak!*

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Grandma S said...

WOW, Congratulations. Your hard work and perseverence have functioned in such an amazing result. You have the house of your dreams.

We'll be in touch for more surprises.

Love you both, Grandma S