Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The House: A major announcement

The open house has been scheduled!  May 5, 2012. 

To remind you, or in case I've failed to mention it before, here's how this will work: we continue full steam ahead for these last few weeks, working our tails off to finish everything before the open house.  That means every doorknob, every handrail, every tree must be in (yes, trees, along with the rest of the front yard).  The last few days we will clean the houses and there will be a final inspection.  Then, on May 5 there will be a big open house and all 9 houses will be open to viewing by the public.  There will also be some food and fun things to do (maybe a bouncy castle?).  At the end of the open house, we get our keys and can move in, and the house is officially, 100%, ours.

If you would like an invitation to the open house, which will include the address and times etc, please let me know via comment on this post or by email.  I would love to see you all there!  Of course, if the open house date doesn't work out, you can certainly come see the house some other time, just let me know.  If you want to come before May 5, I wouldn't say no to a few volunteer hours... ;)


Kristin said...

Hooray and how exciting for you guys. The home stretch. Won't make the open house but i'd love to come see the finished project, house, when I come up at the end of May.

Laurie Fifield said...

We will do all we can to see that you get this project finished on time!

Nikki said...

YEAHH!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

Granny D Fifield said...

We will be there with bells on.