Friday, April 13, 2012

The House: Week 37

It has been another crazy busy week, but this time notably marked by the feeling that things are coming to a close.  We haven't been nearly as concerned about hours as we have about simply getting jobs done.  It's pretty cool.  We are so close!

Saturday was bright, sunny, and warm, so we worked outside almost the entire time (though the girls were inside caulking).  Cody kept grinding foundations, but took "breaks" by doing some insulation in the basements.  Actually, it's not really much of a break.  The sheets are much larger than the 16" wide rolls used in regular framing, and we put in big honkin' concrete nails to hold it up.  After the insulation goes up, we cover it with a plastic moisture/vapor barrier, again with more concrete nails.
  Meanwhile, another team of guys went outside and applied the finishing concrete to the smooth foundations.  It was very similar to doing the scratch coat before the stone: mix it up in the concrete mixer, then smear it on and smooth it out with a texturing tool.  In a few hours it was done, and they moved on to another house.  It's amazing how much just that little bit dresses up the house and makes it look so complete!
 On Monday, Lee started kindergarten at his new school by our new house.  He was a little bit nervous but has really done well with it this whole week, and I'm so proud of him!  The new routine includes me taking him to school, then building while he is in Kindergarten, and then going home together.  It saves on gas, and helps us get a few extra hours in and a bit more done.  And, it affords us awesome pictures like this one, which was going on as I left on Monday afternoon:
 Yep, that's right: they FINALLY came back, after an entire month, and finished our siding!  You'll just have to read on to see the final product.

So Tuesday was more grinding, foundation plaster, caulking, and painting.  Painting of exterior doors, that is.  We took all the doors off the hinges (front door, door to garage from house, and door to garage from outside) and took them over to house 3 where the sprayer was set up.  It takes a few coats of paint which have to dry a bit in between, but really it didn't take too long to get them done.  The longest part was that there's simply not room to do more than about 8 doors at a time in the garage, and 9 houses times three doors means 27 doors, and about 3 batches of spraying--so it ended up taking 2 nights to get them all done.  Then we took them back and returned them to their hinges.  Tuesday was another beautiful day so we didn't have to cover the entry ways while the doors were off.  After the doors were put back on the houses, we got our door knobs!  They came with 4 keys: three of which we get to have right now, the other one stays with our project manager so that he always has access to the houses until after the open house.
Wednesday night there was rain on the forecast, so Cody worked really hard and finished the last house grinding the foundation before the rain hit in earnest at about 5:30.  Hooray!  Once it was too poor of weather to work outside anymore, everyone went inside, finished the last of the baseboards in house 9, and that last bit of caulking.  Then it was time to clean the insides of the houses.

Thursday afternoon, Cody went out to build and I took the girls to pick up Lee, and guess what we found? 

 It's Christmas morning!!!  Uh, I mean, we got our finish plumbing done!!!  It feels exactly the same, at least for Cody and I.  Lee ran in and said, "We've got a POTTY!"  Then he tried to flush it, and said, "Dad, it's broken!  It doesn't sound right."  The water isn't on yet, but they did hook everything up so all we have to do is turn on the house water, and *hopefully* it will work correctly.  Cody cleaned all that night and worked more on insulation, finishing another 3 basements.  The rest of the team was doing similar things: cleaning, insulation, putting on the exterior door knobs, and even the house numbers came in (though Cody didn't put ours up yet--he thought I'd like to help... how sweet!) and getting ready for carpet to be installed, which will probably be here early next week for the houses that don't have it yet.
Now, here it is. *heart*

Where's the rest of the team?
House 1: carpet in, foundation done, basement insulated, sprinkler system started.
House 2: caulk and spackle finished, foundation done.
House 3: caulk and spackle mostly finished (a few baseboards need to be fixed first), foundation all done.
House 4: caulk and spackle done, foundation grinding done, basement insulation done.
House 5: foundation grinding done, carpet done. AND--They had a new baby! :D
House 6(ours!): finishing plumbing done, foundation all done, basement insulation done.
House 7: foundation all done, sprinkling system started, basement insulated, caulking and spackle done.
House 8: foundation grinding done, basement insulated, caulking and spackle done.
House 9: siding almost completed, foundation grinding done, basement insulated, baseboard completed.
All 9 houses: exterior doors painted (except for the back porch door, which has to be done with a paintbrush and can't be done in the rain) and caulked, door knobs on exterior doors installed, vacuumed out and ready for carpet and the end cleaning has begun.

Whew. 3 weeks left... oh my...


Sue said...

How exciting! What an amazing experience this has been for your family. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Laurie Fifield said...

Coming down to the end. When the lawn goes in, it will transform the front of your house.