Saturday, April 21, 2012

The House: Week 38

The final countdown continues!  Just 2 more weeks now.  A while back our project manager hinted that if we got everything completed early, we could have a few days off.  Ha!  That's not going to happen.  There is a lot that needs to be done.  I'm trying to go out and work while Lee's in Kindergarten, and even then it sometimes feel like we hardly make a dent in the end.  I suppose it's because the work we are doing now isn't really visible, big things like putting on roofs or interior doors.  Instead, it's cleaning (oh so much cleaning!), putting up slide latches on the attic access, and painting door frames.

Which, incidentally, is exactly what we did this week.  Saturday there was rain on the forecast, so we were all scared to go start the outside work, for fear of having the plaster or paint wash away.  As it happened, it never rained, but we still had plenty to do inside.  Cody cleaned out the basement, we opened our appliances--yessss! appliances!--and vacuumed the upstairs again to get ready for carpet.  We also finished the vapor barrier over the insulation in the basement, moved a bunch of stuff up into the attic for storage (like extra shingles) and guess how brilliant my husband is?  He took the extra leftover insulation and put it up there too so we could start insulating the ceiling in the garage!  I never would have thought of that. 

Tuesday was decent weather, even though it had rained earlier that day, so we got right on the painting and foundation plaster.  And thank goodness--we finished the plaster that night.  I had high hopes we'd finish the painting super quick, but after starting on one door frame and realizing it would need 2-3 coats, my hopes were dashed.  It is definitely a bigger project than I anticipated.  Of course, what hasn't been a bigger project than I anticipated?  The places we are painting are: the door frames and trim on all exterior doors, which are the back double french doors, the garage "interior" (leads to the house) garage exterior (to outside), and the front door.  We have some outdoor paint that we used, but it is much thinner than the interior paint.  We didn't get the painting done until Thursday, and I'm not sure where the other houses are at.

Which leads me to my next point--On Wednesday we were given a punch list and sent to our own homes to complete it.  From now to the end, with the exception of sod, we are "on our own."  We just work at our own houses, finishing our last few tasks.  Of course that doesn't stop Cody from sneaking over and helping someone else for a few minutes, but that's just Cody for you. :)

My mom helped me on Thursday while Lee was in school vacuum and clean.  Yes, you heard me right--vacuum our new CARPET!!!  Anna came with us, since it was just going to be cleaning, and she loved running around in bare feet.

We've been waiting for this a very, very long time.

Also going on outside, whenever the weather permits, is the sprinkler system in the front yard. We're all nervous they won't have these systems done in time.  We are planning on doing sod before the open house, and it's taken them 2 weeks to do 4 houses.  yikes!  *cross your fingers for good weather, or at least good enough to dig trenches in*

Around the neighborhood, I know of a few basic things that got done, but like I said earlier, we're now just in our own houses until the end, so I'm not sure where everyone is at on their punch list.  So I'll just put up what I know.
House 1: yard raked and ready for sod.
House 2: sprinkler system in, carpet in.
House 3: carpet in
House 4: Baby born!  Congratulations!  Foundation plaster done.  And...?  Their paint, carpet, electrical, was all done a few weeks ago, so I'm guessing they were just cleaning before baby came.
House 5: light fixtures in, plaster done.
House 6 (ours!): cleaning, carpet, painting done.
House 7: carpet in
House 8: carpet in, plaster in.
House 9: plaster done, last one still waiting for carpet (which should be there this weekend or Monday at the latest)
All 9 houses: working on cleaning, painting, and finishing touches.

And just a reminder--you're all invited to our open house in 2 weeks!  If you need information on where it is located or what times, please contact me with a comment or an email or phone call.  I've been waiting to get the email invitation, but they haven't published one yet.  Oh well.  It's happening, and that's all that matters. :)

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