Saturday, April 28, 2012

No TV week

Lee's school had a challenge for all the kids this last week--No TV or video games.  We decided to make it a family goal, to be rewarded with a "family date" if we succeeded.

It was a fun week, but I'll admit that without my nightly stress-relief of silly shows, I was grumpier than normal.  Of course, maybe that is contributed to the end of the build?  Or not going out to build and having some social interaction?  Who knows.  But for the most part, it was lots of fun.

We read more books than normal, and we do usually read lots of books.  I started reading Roald Dahl's "The BFG" out loud to the kids and they are loving it.  Lee really grabbed hold of No TV week and turned it into his personal quest.  I nearly caved during Alisa's bridal shower when we needed to entertain six kids for two hours, but just as I was asking the kids what movie they would like to watch, Lee said firmly--"No mom, it's No TV week!" and I was so proud of him and ashamed of myself at the same time... ah, the classic "mom" feeling. :)

Annalisa had a slightly harder time though.  She kept trying to pull the wool over her daddy's eyes--something we jokingly tease him about anyway.  One day while I was out cleaning the house and the girls were home with Cody and Lee was at kindergarten, Anna batted her green eyes at Cody and said, "Daddy, can I watch some Curious George?" and Cody said, "But it's No TV week, Anna!"  To which she sweetly and firmly replied, "But it just is YES TV week, daddy!"

But despite our silly challenges and grumpiness, we made it!  Friday night, we went out to dinner and then stopped at the nursery to buy our shrubs and trees (though they didn't have the bigtooth maples I have my heart set on, so we didn't end up getting any trees yet) and then went to our new house to play hide and seek.  It was a very fun evening that ended very late, but was worth it. 

I challenge you all to try a no TV week sometime soon!  Now, I will go watch GMA. ;)

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