Saturday, May 19, 2012

Homeowner project day

We are LOVING being homeowners!  We love being able to change things and do things with our house that we had to ask permission for or just deal with before.  When the kid's drain backed up, I just went in there and pulled out all the toilet paper they'd stuffed down.  I didn't have to freak out about it.  We've already put up cabinet pulls and installed shower curtain rods and we picked the "good kind" because we can invest the money into our home instead of giving it away to a landlord.  I've even found a fondness for caring for my plants and landscaping--something that was such a chore before because I felt like I was wasting my time beautifying something wasn't mine.  But not any more!

Today was our first Saturday project-day.  We slept in until the kids were yelling so loudly that we HAD to get up, we made a big breakfast, and we went outside to do this:

The second half of the concrete... 10 80# bags, then 12 60# bags=1520 lbs of concrete!

I never really intended this sidewalk to be the first of our big projects, but it just kind of happened that way.  The story was this: we dug the hole and bought the stuff to put in a concrete slab for our Air Conditioning.  The sooner we get the slab in and cured, and then we finish the fences, the sooner we can have AC installed, so of course we wanted to do that as quickly as we could.  We thought--hey! while we're doing the AC slab, let's also put in the sidewalk to the garage door that we really want to do.  Consolidate the use of a mixer, you know.  And right now, while we're still doing projects on our loan contingency money, we can borrow the cement mixers from the corporation we built with.  Win-win, right?  So we bought the first load of concrete, brought it all over, were getting set up, and went to do the final measuring of the AC slab.  We asked a friend across the street if we could measure their AC unit just so we wouldn't have to make the slab any bigger than absolutely necessary, and that's when we realized the AC COMES with a base... *forehead smack.*  So we bagged the whole AC slab part and just focused on the sidewalk. 
Finished result

It took 2 wheelbarrows full of gravel and the better part of a Saturday, but it looks pretty good for being our first foray into concrete, don't you think?  And even if it cracks and falls apart (which I don't think it will)--you know what? It's OUR house. :)


Laurie Fifield said...

What a great blessing to be able to borrow the concrete mixer! I remember how tough it was to mix it up in a wheelbarrow for our deck posts.

Granny D Fifield said...

Way to go! It must feel great to know how to tackle so many different things. We had to call in a helper and pay whatever he charged.

Melanie said...

When I read on Facebook that you dug out a spot for the AC slap, I thought, "hmm...strange...ours just came with one." But I didn't think to say anything about it to you.

Great job on your sidewalk!