Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The House: The end of building, the beginning of our new life

This is my final build post.  We are moved in--not unpacked, just moved.  Everything is set up in our names, and everything is going well.  There is lots and lots to do, and lots we have been doing--like hanging shower curtains, putting handles on cabinet doors, hanging our shelf and putting up our bench, etc.  I'll take pictures when I'm more unpacked, but for now, it feels so amazing to just be done.

It is incredible to think back at these last ten months and the 1900 hours we put in building.  It is just a memory, though, and it turned that way very quickly.  Our lives have been put together here, and it is time to live them. 

Welcome home, us.  We are done. 

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Laurie Fifield said...

Welcome home! I hope that you always remember how you feel right now. Every now and then, stop and just soak in the wonder of it all, even years from now when it seems mundane.