Thursday, May 3, 2012

The House: Wrapping up Week 40

 We have a mandatory work Friday, so this week won't be done for 2 more nights, but I wanted to post up my weekly house journal early.  I will put up a final post next week sometime, after the open house.

The whole team has been out almost constantly this week.  It has been very, very busy and stressful; more for some than others.  We have inspections today (Thursday, May 3), perhaps even as I am writing this, so there has been a mad-ditch effort to get all 9 homes ready.  We've been reminded that if even one house should fail, nobody can move in.  Everyone has been staying late and coming in early, and some have even pulled all-nighters.  Whenever someone says, "I think we're pretty close, just a few touch-ups and some cleaning to do," that's when you know they still have about eight hours of work left. :)  We took the kids out quite a bit this week, partly because it's very liveable, and partly because we didn't have babysitters for the whole time (Don't get me wrong--we had TONS of babysitting this week, but just not the whole time).
Anna and Katie had fun watching the window guy replace the cracked front window.  They also had fun taking naps on the carpet and playing with wonderful toys like plastic cups (see top picture)
Loose ends being wrapped up: touch-up paint, hanging towel bars and toilet paper holders, filling holes with putty, cleaning, hooking up stoves, laying sod, cleaning and more cleaning, putting in window screens, filling window wells with gravel and putting on covers, and cleaning again.
Cody hooked up the oven, even though we're planning to return it.  Yes, remember last year when we had to buy a new fridge suddenly?  We are planning to return both our fridge and stove now, put our nicer french-door fridge into the house, and use the money we get back to upgrade the stove (not that there's anything wrong with this one, but just that I can, so I'm getting c.o.n.v.e.c.t.i.o.n. :D).

Anyway, I think all 9 houses are ready for inspection now.  Tonight we'll probably get another list of things that we have to do.  Friday is another sod day.  Since we also did 2 houses of sod yesterday, there's just 2 left.  If our inspection list isn't too long, we'll be able to do our final cleaning and open house setup tonight.  If we have a hefty punch list, though, we will probably have a few more late nights.  BUT THEN, the house will be OURS!  Just 2 nights left!

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