Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Parade and Parties

We took a little break from unpacking and moving on Saturday and babysat our cousins Shayden, Gavon, and Ashlin for the day.  We had lots of fun!  We went to a parade, played in the sprinklers outside, had a nice long warm bath after, and even got three of the six kids to take a nap simultaneously.  Not bad!

Singing "Wheels on the Bus" before the parade
 The Parade was a blast!  It was right in our new town, and we saw lots of people we know there.  It was so much fun to go to a random event and actually recognize people!  I love living here.  We cheered for everyone in the parade as is tradition, and we came home with way more candy than we thought we should have.  We split it evenly among the kids... well, we may have sent a leetle bit extra with Shayden and Gavon. :)
Can you find all 6 kids? Also pictured is our friend from across the street and her girls.

My favorite part of the parade: the Antique Machinery Association!
Somewhere deep down inside I knew life wouldn't really slow down after the build was over, but I hoped it would... oh well.  Life is good, and we are enjoying the ride.  I should go unpack some boxes now.  Cody and I have a 2-boxes-a-day-each goal and I missed my 2 boxes yesterday because I spent the afternoon helping Raychel and Paul pack their house to move and my mom clean, chop, and freeze 3.5 gallons of gorgeous rhubarb from her garden.  But no matter the reason, I didn't fill my quota yesterday so I've got some catching up to do!  OK! Enough blogging for now.  Peace Out! :)

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Angeli said...

Thanks Lisa for all that you did for them. Have fun digging your 4' hole. Sounds like there is no rest.