Saturday, June 16, 2012

7 years is just a drop in the bucket of Eternity

Thursday, June 14th, Cody and I celebrated our seventh anniversary of marital bliss.  During the build it was so hard to leave to do anything that we really wanted to make this day special.  My dad was giving a lecture on Mormon Pioneers with Disabilities in Salt Lake City, so we decided to go there for a day date.  We dropped off the kids with Cody's parents and went to Salt Lake.

We didn't lose the van, thanks to this picture I so cleverly took (and Cody teased me mercilessly about)
 First we went to IKEA, and bought ourselves a very awesome anniversary gift, which I will brag about in an upcoming post.  Then we went to downtown Salt Lake and checked out the new City Creek Center.  Neither of us had worn very good walking shoes, but we still had a blast roaming around, enjoying the flowers and trees and shops.  We held hands the whole time, which was the real fun!
 We met my sister Sara, her husband Eric, and sweet baby Lucy at Tucano's for dinner and gorged ourselves on the delicious meats and pineapple and other fun items.  We went back to Temple Square and wandered just for a bit until my dad's lecture.
 The lecture was fantastic.  My dad is a terrific public speaker, and I know the topic was very close to his heart.  There was a good turnout too.  After that, we went to Leatherby's ice cream for dessert and Cody and I shared a lemon ice cream soda.  We picked up the kids late and drove home--fortunately I'd been smart and left them at Cody's parents with pajamas and toothbrushes, so they were all ready for bed--getting home mega late at about 1 AM.  We gave them pillows and blankets and they slept all the way home and didn't even stir when we slipped them into their beds.  We have such great kids! 

It was a fun little trip.  It's been an even funner marriage.  It felt so good to just enjoy each other for a day and not have a schedule or agenda.  Wohoo for us!

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