Friday, June 22, 2012

Alisa and Casey's Wedding

Cody's baby sister got married yesterday!  Alisa and Casey, this post is for you.

Cody and I were late to the luncheon, but thank goodness it was just the luncheon and not the wedding!  Traffic was horrible, and we accidentally forgot the kid's shoes and had to run back to the house briefly (we'd only been on the road for five minutes, so it was no big deal).  Everything just added up though so we were about an hour late.  But it was all good!  The food was yummy and we had fun at the Chuck-a-rama for lunch. 

Then we went to downtown Salt Lake to the temple for the wedding.  The sealer spoke of always saying "I love you," especially when you think your spouse knows it.  Those words are so important for us to hear.  He also reminded you to pray together every night and to always express your gratitude to the Lord for your eternal companion and your marriage.  Then he spoke about each of the blessings in the ceremony, and I was reminded how glorious those blessings are! During the ceremony I loved watching your faces because you were both so calm and focused.  Usually couples are a little overwhelmed or love-struck, but you two were both very prepared and I know you were really certain of this decision.  It is a good one. ;)

After the ceremony, we waited patiently in the near 100-degree heat for you to exit. :)  The kids were particularly excited to see your dress.  And finally you did come out, looking so in love and so happy and radiant.

After pictures and hugs and well wishes, we went to the reception.  We snuck some food and helped get things ready, and then you arrived.  The reception was so pretty!  The yard just sparkled and I think I might have gone a little bit over board with the red sash bows, but it was fun.  I cried with you during your father-daughter dance and then as you two shared your first dance.  The cake was yummy and the reception was lots of fun.  At last we waved goodbye and helped clean up just for a minute.

I asked mom if I should save my corsage or anything, and she just shook her head and said "I am DONE with weddings."  I think she's happy for you. We are too.  It was a beautiful day, and I'm sure it's the start of a beautiful marriage.  Congratulations.

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