Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anniversary gift

First, a story.  I always have to tell a story, right?  When I was about 8 months pregnant with Lee, we moved to an unfurnished little house.  That house still holds many good memories, even if the move-out tainted our time there a little bit... anyway--when we moved in, there was quite a bit of furniture we needed to acquire very quickly to make it liveable.  We found a couch at a garage sale, someone gave us a dresser, but the main point of this post is the kitchen table.  Cody and I found a usable table in the local thrift store, but there were no chairs, so we bought some really cheap folding chairs at Wal-Mart.  I hated them then, but didn't see much of an option.  I planned on very quickly finding a table set, but the months changed to years and we just couldn't afford a table set.  We used the folding chairs with the D.I. table for a long time.  (well, in our defense, we didn't have a lot of room in that little house for a big table...)

In September, while we were building the house and we could finally measure out our dining room, Cody built me a table.  We love it and is exactly what we wanted--I loved being able to design it to it our style; simple, straight legs, dark stain to match our kitchen, easy to clean and move.  It is perfect for us.  But we've still been using those now-falling-apart folding chairs, that were never meant to have six years of daily use on them.

At last, on our anniversary we went to IKEA and found what we had been hoping for for years: kitchen chairs!  We want to do a bench for one side of the table, so we purchased 5 chairs (three for one side, one for each end).  It is finally time for this upgrade.  We are in our house and don't have to worry about moving out any time soon.  They fit perfectly and look sooo nice.... well, how about I quit bragging and just show you a picture?

Hopefully we can make the bench very soon, but this is perfect for us now.  I'm in heaven.  :)


Laurie Fifield said...

Oh, they are lovely! That will be such a nice view when people come in your front door. And the bench is soon to follow!

Sue said...

Nice! And I saw a sneak peek of the bench on Saturday. What fun it will be to gather there as a family and how special to know that Daddy made it.