Monday, June 25, 2012

Another quiet Saturday

It still feels a little odd to have Saturdays to ourselves again.  I guess I shouldn't say odd, I should say normal.  Too normal.  So we usually end up filling our Saturdays with projects and all kinds of work, but not after sleeping in a bit. :)

We'd really been hoping for sod this Saturday, but just couldn't get it coordinated, so we worked on some other fun things instead.  I was especially naughty and did a craft day.  I feel like I should have been working on the yard or cleaning, but instead I locked myself up with a movie and worked on a birthday present for our neighbor across the street:
Just a preview.  Not pictured: Belle, Jasmine, and maybe Tiana or Aurora
Then I got reeeally crazy and put together this calendar for our house.  I found the idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago and picked up some paint chips from Lowe's in the colors I liked.  Then, when I was buying ribbon for the bows at Hobby Lobby, they had a bunch of their "Home Accents" on sale for 80% off!  Woot!  I found a couple of pictures that were really dumb but the frames were great, and really cheap.  I was able to complete this whole project--all 2'x2' of it--for just $12!  I also picked up a $100 lamp for our bedroom for $24, and a couple other pictures and things for really cheap.  So nice. 

So while I was goofing off inside, Cody was being the awesome man that he is and finished--yes, I said FINISHED--the fence.  Gates, the last post and panels, caps, everything.  Then he worked hard on raking the back yard and prepping some more for sod.  If we weren't ready before, we most certainly are now! :)


Sara said...

Fun stuff! Love project days. :)

Granny D Fifield said...

It is fun to enjoy your enjoyment of the harvest season of this house building chapter. Thanks for sharing.

Laurie Fifield said...

Now those are cute princess bows.