Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Backyard Sprinklers

Another part of our contingency money is being put to good use: we are getting a sprinkler system in our back yard.  Since I didn't chronicle the process very much when they did the front yard, How about I show you now?

They started on our anniversary--Thursday.  They brought in a skid steer with a trencher attached, which looks like a massive chain saw.  Then they cut into the ground leaving great big trenches.  We were pretty glad to be gone that day because this thing is noisy!  The only problem with being gone and not there to babysit them: they tore right into my flower bed, completely destroying the new peonies and pink shasta daisies I had just barely planted.  *pout.*  Oh well; my budding little herb garden made it, which I really do prefer over the flowers anyway.

When they did the front yard, we had them cap off water mains to the back yard so that we could hook up a system later, and that's what is happening now.  It's nice that it will all tie in together, and they don't have to put in another meter or console--it will all just work together.  We've designed a pretty fancy system, including a hose bib by our garden and a drip emitter/mister hookup for flower beds.

After they dug the trenches, they put in the pipes--long white PVC pipe with a softer black hose to the heads.  Then they filled the trenches plus raked up the rocks plus smoothed the dirt out in one fell swoop with this awesome claw-like rake thingy on their skid steer.
 After the pipes are buried they put in the sprinkler heads on the black hoses still sticking up through the ground.  It was very windy when they were leveling and raking the back yard, and the whole house is now coated in dirt.  The poor guy driving the skid steer could hardly breathe.  We gave him a glass of ice water and holed ourselves up in the house until it was done--and I tell you what, it felt SO good to watch someone else do the work (getting paid very adequately, thankyouverymuch)!

All done!

We have high hopes for our back yard: hopefully sometime in the future (perhaps next summer) we will be able to build our raised beds for the garden.  I'm hoping to collect all kinds of starts of perennials and bushes this Fall so I can finish the landscaping.  Thanks to some very generous gifts from our Grandparents, the trees have already been funded (although they have not been purchased yet).  We are hoping there will be enough left in contingency to buy sod for the backyard.  But... that'll be another post!