Friday, June 15, 2012

Father and Son's/Girl Party

On Saturday there was a church campout for the boys, and Cody and Lee were really excited to go.  I knew Anna would be heartbroken not to join them, so we decided to make both kids feel really special by sending Lee with Cody and we girls having a girl party.  It was such a fun weekend, I just have to share.

While we waited for Cody to finish work, we girls got started on our girl party.  We dressed up in our pretty dresses and put bows in our hair and "make up" (chap stick) and I even used a little body spray for our perfume. 
 Of course, Lee wasn't gone yet and he kept trying to crash our party.  We told him it was for pretty girls only, so if he wanted to join us he'd have to look pretty.  Then we'd pin him down and put a bow in his hair and called him "Lee-ahLou."  He laughed and laughed and Anna really got into it, teasing her brother mercilessly and finding him dresses and bows to wear.  One time he even went downstairs to Cody's office and pouted, "Dad, I look like a girl!"  Cody gave him a hug and said, "wait, you even SMELL like a girl!"  (I promise I didn't put body spray on him!) Lee smelled himself, gave the most disgusted face he could and said, "Yeah, I smell.... good! Blech!"  Ah, so funny!
 What girl party isn't complete with a little photo shoot of how pretty we all look?  Katie just refused to keep her bow in her hair. 
The boys left pretty late that night, but Anna and I put on our PJ's and tried to find a chick-flick... it's amazing how difficult it is to find a movie that appeals to a 3 year old that is distinctly "girly."  I really wanted to watch Tangled with her, because that is her favorite movie, but my internet on our DirecTV receiver wasn't working, so I couldn't get it to download.  Anna was a little bummed, but we watched an episode of Curious George and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, the boys swapped stories around the campfire, set up their tent, and had a great time camping.  The box of Twinkies I sent with them didn't come home, so I'm assuming they were a hit.  Cody said the event was "obviously planned and executed by men, because there were no forks."  Cody took Lee and some other kids hiking in the morning and didn't get back until almost noon.  I had planned on taking Annalisa and Katie to breakfast at IHOP that morning, but I had left my purse in the van so I had no money or means of transportation... bummer.  Instead, Annalisa and I made a tea party for breakfast and drank our OJ with our pinkies up. 

It was such a fun weekend for all of us!  It is a special thing to spend one-on-one time with each child.  We love those kinds of opportunities, when we can really see how amazing our kids really are.

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Granny D Fifield said...

What a fun special weekend! Those are the types of memories that last forever.