Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finishing the Fence

 Woot woot!  It is done.  Well...we still have that one last post to put in and of course the adjoining panels, but we won't do that until after the sprinkler system is done.  We also need to seal the caps on the posts, but we don't have the silicone for that yet, and as it is it's just a bead in the corners and put it on... no big deal.  Anyway, looky look!  Look how straight!  Look how GORGEOUS!
Looking West

Looking East

Front, angled to the West.  The extra wide gap is the unfinished post, and the other two gaps are gates

Between us and the house to the West

Cody is out standing in his field.

It felt great on Saturday to have a day to just relax and not need to work on the fence.  Cody still tried to go help our neighbors with their fences, especially since they were so kind to start on our sides and really help us get it done fast (we were the first done--Wahoo!).  We're grateful for their help.  We worked in the mornings and they would work in the evenings, so both of us ended up feeling like the other family had done the majority of the work.  I think it's opened the door for a very healthy relationship with our neighbors: we both feel indebted and grateful for each other, and want to help each other out.  I guess if we have to have a fence that separates us now so starkly, at least we'll have a great experience to keep us bonded. Which is good--we really like our neighbors.  We would also love it if you wanted to come see this lovely fence in person!  :)


Sara said...

It's awesome! Hooray hurrah!

Laurie Fifield said...

We did see it in person, and it was very impressive.