Friday, June 29, 2012

It is hot.

I'd hoped beyond hope that this post would be about how good it feels to bask in an air conditioned home, but alas it is not.  I'm trying desperately not to be angry about it, and most of the time I fail at that.  We are getting lots of loving help and we are so grateful!  We had one sweet neighbor bring by a plate of cold watermelon and another neighbor is in the process of installing the air conditioning, but he needed some welding equipment because the hose doesn't fit quite right.

I suppose I should just tell the story.  Maybe writing it down--if I can remain indifferent--would help?

Like I said in previous posts, the AC was the "prize" at the end once we'd used all the contingency funds we wanted to.  Cody and I raced through our fence, getting it up first.  Then we waited for a few days to get the go-ahead to call the sprinkler guys.  After the sprinklers went in, we waited another week to get the go-ahead to order sod.  Meanwhile, many of these days it was in the 90's outside and 80's inside.  We open the windows at night, run fans (thanks to mom and dad for loaning us two of theirs!) day and night (often with a damp cloth over them so that it works as a mini swamp cooler) and I've been cooking in the garage--I take my crock pot or rice cooker out there so that the house doesn't heat up.  The laundry is piling up because I can't stand to run the dryer during the day.  I only do a single load in the dishwasher and the house jumps up 3 degrees.  We begged our program manager to order the sod faster, but he just refused and quit answering our phone calls and text messages.

Finally the sod arrived on Tuesday, and we quickly put it down.  We had all that wonderful help and it was so nice!  That same night I texted our program manager to ask when we could expect the air conditioning.  And then I waited some more.  The next day he got back to me and was incredibly rude, ultimately saying that we'd have to wait about two more weeks before we could even hope for air conditioning because we didn't give him a chance to inspect the back yard (*snort*...indifferent Lisa, indifferent...).  Cody and I had finally had enough.  We both agree that we felt like dogs being laughed at as they rolled over over and over again, waiting and begging for the bone but never getting it. 

We've carefully set aside some money while we were building for situations just like this, and we just got a good sized refund check from the energy companies for having an energy star rated home-and decided to just pay for the AC out of pocket.  Since our neighbor (owner of House 3, way back when...) is being super nice to help us out with this one--and we owe him big time for it--we are getting the AC for $700 cheaper than quoted and 2 weeks faster.  I'd say that's a deal any day!  I'm glad we were in a position to take it.  He just needed to locate some equipment and then he'll finish it up tomorrow.  So probably then I'll be in a better mood.  I think this will be the last night of my obsessive routine that is wearing on the nerves of my whole family.  Hopefully within a few short hours I'll be able to cook and clean again the way I love to, and Katie will be able to sleep in something other than just her diaper, and I'll actually be in the mood to go to bed at a reasonable hour instead of sitting around blogging because the bed is just too hot... let's cross our fingers.

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