Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Lee!

 Today Lee is 6!  I can't believe how big he is.  We just got done with a super fun Super Hero party. 
 First, we made capes.  I purchased some plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and cut them into fouths, then cut out a little circle for the head, leaving two detached strips to tie around the kid's neck.  I put the capes on the table with stickers and we wrote the child's name on each cape at let them decorate them.  It came in handy throughout the party, because we didn't have to keep asking for names.

And that's how long Katie's cape lasted...not even long enough to get a single clear picture!
 We played a few games while everyone was arriving and making capes, like "Batman Says" and "Hero-Hero-Villain."  Then we went outside to do an obstacle course.
Super Anna!

Flying Birthday Boy!
 We told our friends that superhero costumes and gear was welcome, but not required.  We had a few guests in full costume, these cute girls brought their masks, and some (like our kids) were in normal clothes.  It was great.

Doing the obstacle course
 We played on the obstacle course for a while, letting the kids jump off a chair over some "hot lava" (pink balloons) and balance along some 2x4s and kick a ball into a box and things like that. 
Lee is in the upper left corner with his hand in the air.
 After the obstacle course, we came back inside for cupcakes, pizza rolls (that I had cleverly set up my oven to come on by itself, so I didn't even have to leave the party to put pizza rolls in the oven), and Kool-Aid.  I love cupcakes for a party because they are so easy.
 Then we opened presents...
 ...and moved to the garage for the pinata.  As we went out there, we gave the kids their goodie bags so they could add the candy to it. We built our Pinata out of a mondo goldfish box, so it was very, very sturdy.  Every kid got three or four whacks and we hadn't even broken through the paper yet.  Our oldest kid there was the last to go, and at 11 years old, he was itching to prove himself.  He broke the handle of the broom.  (Good riddance.)  Then Cody punched through the pinata, had the kids get ready with their bags, and ripped it apart, shaking the candy everywhere. 

 We posed for a quick picture, and then since all these kids live within a block and a half of us, they all walked home.  I literally stood in my driveway and watched eight of them walk to their front doors so I could make sure they got there safely.
We've now had a great day with Lee and he is happily playing with his new toys.  Cody and I are bushed, but so proud of our big boy and how kind and generous he is.  We love you, Lee!  Happy Birthday!


Laurie Fifield said...

What a great party! That was a lot of kids.

Cody said...

I love those supper hero Throws

Kathy said...

Happy happy birthday, Lee!