Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My oven

I promised a post just about my oven, and here it is.  If you don't like unabashed bragging, please skip this post. :)

In this photo I'm making turnovers and scrambled eggs: Lee's birthday breakfast.
5 burners--2 "quick boil," one small simmer, one regular, and then the oval center burner that came with the pictured griddle.  We leave the griddle on all the time, but when it comes time to make gravy in a turkey pan or something like that, it also came with a regular grate that we can swap out at ay time.

Natural gas fuel, of course. 

Three oven racks, including one that is cleverly attached to the door so that it slides out when you open the door for easy access.  The top rack you can easily remove half the rack, so if you're cooking a turkey and green bean casserole at the same time, you can have one tall item and two shorties in the oven all together.

It has convection, which I'll admit I was hesitant about.  I've never used convection on a regular basis before, and I was worried about the conversions.  But since it is optional and there's a conventional bake feature, I figured I'd be safe.  I am now in love with it.  It auto-converts, so with one button, you just type in the conventional temperature from the recipe and away it goes.

It has a 4-minute preheat.  :D

It has a double wide broiler with a ceramic top so that it makes super even broiling.

It even has a pizza feature. 

It has 2 self-clean options: 3 hour and 4 hour.  And in case I have a case of the scatterbrains, it will automatically shut itself off if it gets left on accidentally (after 6 hours). 

It came with a thermometer probe that plugs inside the oven that reads on the digital display up top, and I can set the oven to hold temperature or turn off when the food reaches whatever temp I want.  That comes in pretty handy for roasts, lasagnas, enchiladas, or even just casseroles.  Take it to 180, then keep it warm until dinner time... perfect.

I'm so grateful to Cody and his kind understanding that led him to upgrade the stove instead of something else.  He knows me and knows how important the kitchen is to me, and I just love it.  I love cooking in our new house. Now, since you bore with me and read this whole post, you are now officially invited to our house to taste the fruits of this beautiful oven.  Just send me a note, and come on over for dinner, breakfast, midnight snacks--whatever! :)


Sue said...

What a wonderful upgrade! I've never seen an oven with a split shelf. What a BRILLIANT idea.

Nikki said...

Wow! What an awesome oven! One day, when I'm all grown up, and have my own place, I want such an oven as that.